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The civilization has music-from-a.come to be a scary place - religious wars, an international terrorism, genocide. The Information age has transported us right into the anxiety Age. Anyone is ~ above edge, wonder what is music-from-a.coming next. World want answers music-from-a.come the following:

* to be the 2020 global Coronavirus outbreak foretold?* What execute all the an excellent prophecies mean - Nostradamus and the book of Revelation among them?* What will happen in the next 50 years? The next 100 years?* If the world is going to finish - what wake up then?

If over there is anyone that knows what is going to happen, the is Sylvia Browne. Over there is no one much better placed to lead us with the myriad prophecies, beliefs, portents and also signs about the end of the world. All the answers will be revealed in end OF DAYS.

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