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Star wars The Old Republic is among the most renowned Star Wars gamings of every time, which has actually been continually played since its release. The video game is great, however you may confront some difficulties during the game. Among them is more than likely the post “This application has encountered an unspecified error“.

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Follow the methods described listed below to easily solve the difficulty on her computer. The approaches are ordered native the simplest and most useful to the end, but shot all options!

Update her drivers

Sometimes these troubles may be led to by driver disputes or hardware failure.

Driver difficulties usually happen only ~ SWTOR or windows update. In this case, examine the availability of updated chauffeurs for your hardware. You deserve to simply use the windows Update facility to find new drivers or go to her hardware manufacturer’s website.

Check because that overheating problems

Hardware failure in these situations are usually caused by overheating. If some parts of your computer system overheat, they may fail or malfunction. However, this have the right to be very challenging to confirm, specifically if it just affects specific games or applications.

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End Bitraider processes with the task Manager


Players are complaining around what they got. This application has actually detected an unknown error. Please try this job again when trying to start the game. The startup regimen starts and also tries to fill the patch, yet it is interrupted by a an insect report.

To solve this problem, follow these steps:

Launch the job manager by pressing Ctrl + change + Esc.When the job Manager starts, click the processes tab.Find and also stop the procedures brw.exe and also brstvc.exe.Try come download the game again.

Change the launcher settings

In addition, girlfriend can shot to restart the video game by reconfiguring part launcher parameters, i beg your pardon will update the video game installation. However, keep in mind that this is virtually like a finish reinstallation that the game. The game and also it may take longer. However, due to the fact that this solution operated for practically everyone that tried it, we will certainly still use it. Consequently:

Right-click the game shortcut ~ above your desktop and choose “Open record location” or navigate to the game installation directory.In this directory, open the document “Launcher.Settings” using notepad.Now change the following lines, as displayed below.Replace the next line:, “PatchingMode”: “” swtor “:” BR “”.В:, “PatchingMode”: “” swtor “:” SSN “”.Also modify the adhering to lines, as presented below.Replace the next line:, “bitraider_disable”: faleHAPPY PARTICIPANT:, “bitraider_disable”: trueClick the “File” option and then click the “Save” button to save the changes you simply made to the file.Let’s watch if this solves the difficulty with the game.

Delete the client_settings.ini file.

There is a strange problem with windows 10 and also Star Wars: The Old Republic, which transforms the display resolution by 800 × 600. No crashes, no error messages, yet the game will change the display resolution. The resolution of your screen.

At this time the game will occupational in the background, yet you can not move to it. After ~ closing the video game with the job Manager, the resolution will be reset come its initial value. This is an inexplicable problem, yet there is a method to solve it.

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Browse come the applications data folder. To accessibility it, press the windows + R keys and enter the appdata%. Click yes or press Enter.Now find the Star Wars: The Old Republic folder and find the client_settings.ini file.Delete this file and shot to start the video game again.RECOMMENDED: Click below to troubleshoot home windows errors and also optimize mechanism performance