There are two kinds of collectibles in nearly every Super Mario Odyssey kingdom: power moons and coins. And also there room two varieties of coins: continuous gold coins the you can find and spend anywhere and kingdom-specific purple coins. In this guide, we’ll present you the locations of every kingdom coin in the metro Kingdom. (Check out our guide to the subway Kingdom’s strength moons come find all of those.)

There are 100 violet coins to collection in the subway Kingdom.

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Metro Kingdom coins map

Nintendo via We’ve damaged the purple coins into sets and numbered the images in the galleries below to exchange mail to the map above. Follow the numbers, and you have the right to collect them every in one (more or less) constant loop, starting near the Odyssey.

1-6: Odyssey and Main Street Entrance
Grid view

1. From the Odyssey, head toward the Spark Pylon, yet don’t capture it. Turn to the right and also head east along the beams. The an initial three coins are floating over a gap.

2. Take it the Spark Pylon under to the key Street entrance flag. The next coins room at floor level in prior of the very very first building on your left.

3. Use the taxi to bounce as much as the fire escape, climate climb up to the roof. These coins room on the left (south) next of the roof previous the water tower.

4. Proceed west and climb as much as the following roof. There’s a billboard on her right next to some A/C units. Climb approximately the peak to uncover these coins.

5. In the gap between this rooftop and the next one to the west, you’ll discover a Spark Pylon. Journey it down to discover a ledge with these three coins.

6. Continue around the corner, then climb back up come street level. Usage the Spark Pylon and the orange web traffic cone-looking point (Wikipedia tells united state this is a short-term traffic bollard, but we’re going to speak to it a pole) come get ago up come the roof. The last two coins in this area are between the two billboard in ~ the far western end of the roof.

7-14: Rooftop Garden
Grid check out

7. Continue approximately the tops of the billboards roughly the structure in the southwest. You’ll come to a orange pole that will launch you throughout the street at one more fire escape where you’ll uncover these coins.

8. Use the pole alongside the grate come launch you approximately the roof and keep climbing come the Rooftop Garden flag. Drop off the north next of the roof to the following roof under to choose up these coins.

9. Head eastern from those coins and drop to the next roof down. Take the Spark Pylon throughout the street. This coins are on the fire escape to her left.

10. Continue a small to the left and climb approximately the roof. There’s an additional orange pole that will launch you further up. Jump throughout to the building to the south, then continue roughly to the left. A small further along, you’ll see these coins listed below you.

11. Use wall surface jumps or backflips to get ago up come the ledge girlfriend were simply on. In between the 2 buildings, there’s one more Spark Pylon that will lug you up towards the roof. Save climbing to the very top to discover these four coins.

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12. Usage the orange pole at the top to launch yourself to the triangular building across the street come the north. These coins are on just over the edge on the left side.

13. And also 14. Drop to the ground and head v the door in ~ the northern suggest of the building. This is the T. Rex escape where you pick up moons 49 and 50. Stick to the yellow currently on the road. They’ll command you to both sets of coins (and the moons).