Remember The 100 over on The CW? It to be a pretty an excellent show because that a heavy chunk that its run, beginning off as a story about 100 teenagers from room sent down to earth to view if it was livable again after a atom apocalypse. And also then the last season happened, and the display somehow regulated to both go off the rails and also make the idea the a futuristic militarized death cult fully boring and nonsensical. That didn’t stop them from trying to set up a spinoff, i m sorry is now officially acquiring the axe.

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TV heat reported last night that the spinoff, which would’ve supposedly been title The 100: second Dawn, won’t be relocating forward in ~ the CW. It to be planned to it is in a prequel establishing how remnants of mankind survived the planet apocalypse i m sorry in The 100 proper, involves tribal clans dubbed Grounders who also have their very own language, in addition to a cult that discovered alien relics that administer interdimensional travel. (Yeah, this display was weird, and most of this is ~ the main present tackled bodysnatching AIs and also world-ending solar flares.)

Since the episode that set up this would-be show an initial aired back in July of 2020, network boss note Pedowitz has actually been playing coy v whether or not the display would come to fruition. Back in May, he even said that “discussions space still happening,” but it looks choose those talks have actually stopped. Whether the display will it is in shopped about to various other networks stays to it is in seen.

According to The 100 showrunner Jason Rothberg, the setup for Second Dawn was to incorporate flashbacks come pre-apocalypse life similar to Lost, along with a arrangement to get personalities up to space. The would’ve been a way to collection up the family members of The 100's lead personalities Clarke Griffin, raven Reyes, and Bellamy Blake, in his eyes. “I had actually a setup to acquire us up there and meet the ancestors,” he told TV Line. If we’re lucky enough to tell that story, fine meet good Great Grandpappy Blake.” So much for that.

Farewell, The 100. For the second time, you passed away as friend lived: how amazing enduring, however ultimately kinda pointless.

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