Since she Hollywood debut in the early on 2000s, Olivia Munn has actually been the topic of a couple of rather weird controversies. Maybe the most renowned of this controversies faced by the former "Daily Show" correspondent and also nerdy bombshell is the one including the dog-walking app, Wag!. Ago in 2019, ELLE Australia reported the Munn, that was an investor in the app, aided users uncover their dog after ~ it to be stolen native a proved dog pedestrian on the app. After the incident, Wag! was sue for hiring untrustworthy dog walkers and for making use of Munn"s fame come smooth over the previously mentioned incident. Quickly after this news broke, Munn pulled the end of her booked appearance top top "Today."

The current news that Munn"s pregnancy also sparked a little of controversy. According to layout Caster (posted in ~ Yahoo!), many fans are start to wonder if her beau, john Mulaney, cheated top top his now-ex-wife, Annamarie Tendler, v Munn. After seven years the marriage, Mulaney and Tendler announced that they had divorced. Throughout an interview ~ above "Late Night v Seth Meyers" in September, Mulaney said Meyers the he visited rehab in September 2020, relocated out of the home he mutual with Tendler in October 2020, and met Munn in the feather of 2021. However, resources close to the pair claim that Mulaney in reality asked because that a divorce in February 2021, leading countless to scrape their heads about the chop timeline that the comedian"s relationship with Munn.

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In enhancement to gift a host and also actor, Munn is likewise a published author. Back in 2010, Munn released a memoir, title "Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures the A Hollywood Geek" (co-written through Mac Montandon). As soon as Munn isn"t trying to shock readers with her on- and off-screen bisexual encounters, she"s telling stories around her childhood, she career in Hollywood, and also nerd-related things.

In late August, Celebrity Memoir book Club posted three fairly scathing reviews of Munn"s book on their tiktok channel. While speaking around a theoretical run for president, Munn do a cringeworthy, fatphobic comment. "I will fix America"s obesity problems by acquisition all motorized transfer away native fat people," she wrote, follow to the Celebrity Memoir publication Club. "In turn, ns will develop an facilities of Fat Tunnels, wherein all the fat civilization can walk. This will create jobs and also subsequent load loss."

In various other sections of the book, says the review, Munn provides it clear that she believes herself to be the only hot woman in Hollywood, poking fun at other Hollywood starlets" breasts that "hang therefore low" and also those who dare to wear mother jeans.

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Another section the the publication lays out much more than a few ways because that college women to ask your professors for sex, according to Munn. Even if Munn is simply trying to it is in funny by writing the previously mentioned statements, most readers have actually not picked up top top this strange kind of humor.