This feels favor the perfect storm for cam Newton —and Stephen A. Blacksmith is worried around the resounding silence.

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The ESPN host described on Wednesday that he was concerned about Newton’s possibilities of playing in the NFL again if Washington, which is led by his former Panthers coach Ron Rivera, does no inquire about signing the in the wake up of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury.

“If you thought two weeks back was a poor week for cam Newton when he got cut by the brand-new England Patriots, this week can turn the end to be also worse,” Smith stated on “First Take,” via Audacy. “Because this week can potentially assignment the end of camer Newton’s NFL career.”

Newton to be released by the Patriots prior to the season together the team opted to go with rookie Mac Jones as the starting quarterback. Newton, 32, stated in an interview with his father that his “intimidating” visibility was part of the reason the Patriots did not keep him as a backup.

Cam Newton was released by the Patriots prior to the season. Getty Images

Washington has not expressed any interest in Newton, yet. Taylor Heinicke will start in Fitzpatrick’s location on Thursday night versus the Giants v Kyle Allen together the backup.

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“He plays a tiny bit prefer his hair is ~ above fire,” Rivera called the team’s website that Heinicke. “He plays a small bit choose a gunslinger. Yet I think, and I hope believe, that he’s matured a tiny bit.”

Can Newton and Ron Rivera in 2017.Getty Images

When Newton to be released by new England, Rivera said it “did pop up on our radar” before professing his trust in the three quarterbacks ~ above Washington’s roster. Even if it is that transforms with Fitzpatrick apparently out six-to-eight weeks continues to be to it is in seen.

It would have actually ben far-fetched because that the team to shot and sign Newton top top the week before a Thursday night game. However, in his one season v the Patriots, Newton showed up to be a shadow of the quarterback that led the Panthers come the Super key in the 2015-’16 season.

“Ron Rivera have to be calling camer Newton. Ron Rivera need to be calling him yesterday, to it is in quite honest with you,” blacksmith said. “But what if he doesn’t? What if Rivera doesn’t do the call? What if Ron Rivera doesn’t make the call? What other team will — especially knowing the the guy who coached camer for ripe years, and needs a quarterback, tho doesn’t carry him in?”