Summer 2019 Update: once again, ns feel the need to update mine lifelong journey in load management. If you’ve complied with along, in January 2018, ns signed up because that the State the Slim regime (see below) and also lost end 30 pounds. Ns then went on my 5-month trip though Latin America. Return I ongoing to exercise, I uncovered my exercising fell off from 4-5 work a week come 1-2, but I retained up my action count. In addition, yummy Latin American treats crept in. Plus, it was difficult to uncover a scale. Ns didn’t sweet myself for over four months.

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Eventually, I went back to the States. My load day the reckoning arrived. I had gained earlier 10 pounds from mine low suggest on State the Slim. Honestly, i was thrilled.

I didn’t beat myself up due to the fact that I knew I had actually done my finest in maintaining an excellent eating and exercising in an atmosphere where i had small control end my surroundings. Yet, ns didn’t want to store the extra weight on. Ns feared it would certainly be come 15, then 20, then 25 pounds…

Immediately, i jumped ago into State of Slim.

But here’s the truth. return I had actually been very successful top top State that Slim in the past, my love wasn’t right into eating together a limit diet. State of Slim had absolutely to be perfect in help me retrain mine mind, mine body and also my metabolism right into changing. And I’ve preserved those very beneficial lessons.

I just couldn’t border myself to the State that Slim diet I had actually mastered; several non-fat Greek yogurt, fish and veggies.

And this time, i only have 10 pounds to lose, no 30+. I also didn’t need a coach to help me navigate dieting landmines. Ns knew I might do it on mine own, but I simply need a tiny bit the accountability and a widening of food perspectives.

Enter WeightWatchers

So ns signed up for WeightWatchers Online. Let me for say the if girlfriend need help with changing your life style and also seriously digging into your eating habits, do State that Slim. It’s 100% incredible.

For me, though, I needed a “light” approach to my load loss, for this reason WeightWatchers digital is functioning for me. I’ve shed the very first five pounds, and also I’ll conveniently get the last five off. I may also go because that a total of 15 simply to see if I deserve to do it. I like WW Online since I feel an ext “normal.” I can eat “regular” food–in appropriate quantities–and ns feel much an ext freedom in making good food choices. This is what I need right now.

I admit, there can be a time in the future that I could need a State of Slim “tune up” to repeat me that the rigor the takes to remain committed come exercise and clean eating. But right now, ns seem to have actually a an excellent balance wherein I to be walking 12000 actions a work (down indigenous 16000 because of injury), and I’m functioning out 2-3 days a week (down native 4-5.) after the summer, I’ll kick my exercise-in-the-gym earlier up, when my schedule is less hectic.

How space you law on your weight loss? permit me know. I’d love to offer any encouragement. And if you are thinking of joining WeightWatchers, I’d love the if you’d use my referral code ( click on the code to gain one month free. Give thanks to you!

(Note: this blog to be updated in Feb 2019, a year after beginning my way of life change. See below.)

The weight Loss journey Begins


In the mainly after Christmas, 2018, two far-ranging ah-ha moments happened.

First ah-ha: ns was sit in mine step-mom’s guest bedroom on mine 51st date of birth in so late December 2017, gawking in ~ the new roll on mine muffin top that had showed up over the holidays. Adding ten pounds to an already heavy framework made my eye roll. The world’s weight charts had actually me at “obese,” bordering on “extremely obese.”

Second ah-ha: The day before, i had collection forward my design template for the upcoming year. Not a resolution girl myself, I pick themes because that each year. Because that 2018, “Ah-mazing and Joyful” shouted out.

Ah-mazing and Joyful

I had actually to do something. So, pulling that Ah-mazing and Joyful theme into my new love handle, I made decision I wouldn’t just lose the 10 pounds. I’d walk for other crazy and also what I thought would be truly remarkable. 30 pounds! If i were to shed 30 pounds, I’d weigh much less than what I had weighed in high school, much less than once I gained married (both times), and less than anything i had ever weighed in mine adult life. It’d truly be Ah-mazing and Joyful if I might really, honestly, lose 30 pounds and also keep it off.

I knew I’d need help. Ns knew the *behavior* is what make me obese, and also if ns were to be successful and also keep the off, I’d need actions modification. I required someone to aid me identify what was resulting in me to overeat, why I want to overeat, and what attitudes I harbored that kept my overweight. Thus, diet plans like Weight Watchers, Keto, and Whole30 weren’t walking to job-related for me. I’d lose weight and put the right back on again. I had to discover a regime that would assist me truly change.

State that Slim Success

The university of Colorado, brainchild behind ABC’s “Extreme weight Loss,” had actually the program I knew would work-related for me. It’s referred to as State of Slim. Ns called, enrolled, and started ~ above January 5. I attended the first meeting, began the program, and joined a weekly session with 20 other State of Slimmers, successfully completing the regimen 16 weeks later. (If you can’t make it come the program, you can buy the book, which several of my friends have actually now done and also are equally together successful.)

Most diets work; the State that Slim diet works as well. It’s simple, too.


Track that all. Eat 5-6 time a day, eat within an hour of gaining up, and also drink water. There’s really nothing that special around the program; there room lists that yes and also no foods, like many diets, and rules to follow. If you’ve done any diet, you’ll find plenty of similarities.

Two differences from various other Diets

State the Slim is a program, no a diet. Together a program, it different in two ways.

You must move. begin with 10 minute a day because that 6 days of the mainly in the an initial week and include ten minutes every week till you’re approximately 70 minutes. Exercise will sneak into your life and also soon it becomes a lifestyle. You can pick any type of motion you want. Walking, swimming, dancing, cleaning house, biking, cartwheeling–whatever makes you happy.


Since ns was already walking over 15000 steps a day (and tho in the obese category!), I had actually to perform more. I joined university of Colorado’s wellness Center and also started acquisition classes. They consisted of the fit class, Zumba, Pound, and Step. Currently every morning ns wake up, my very first thought is exactly how I’ll gain in mine steps and also which class I’ll take. Each week, i walk over 60,000 steps and take 3-4 exercise classes.

It’s a lifestyle change. The 2nd thing the was different was the behavior class. The publication does a great job at offering the straightforward themes and self-work to carry out on her own, yet there’s nothing prefer crying and cringing v 19 various other folks. Listed below are the significant themes ns took far to change my life style.

Pick your Hard and Be Uncomfortable

Here space my five take-aways indigenous class.

1. Choose your hard.

Being fat is hard. How? It’s difficult to rise steps, fit in airplane seats, overcome legs, uncover clothes, feeling good, look cute…what would you name?

Being slim is hard. How? You need to work the end all the time, watch your food intake, buy new clothes, it is in conscious….what would certainly you name?

If both space hard, why it is in fat? you can choose your hard. If you’re reading this, I suspect you want to choose the “hard” of being thin.

Make your own list of what’s hard around being fat versus being thin. Which execute you want to choose? Which will you choose?

2. Get uncomfortable.

Nothing interesting ever happens in her comfort zone. Once you acquire out of her comfort zone, that’s when you start living. During the 16-week program, I had to recognize a lot of things and also do even more that were uncomfortable. However I had actually fun. Ns learned just how to dance to Brazilian music, exactly how to have hard conversations through my husband, just how to research my excuses, and how to rise the Manitou Incline, amongst other things.

What renders you uncomfortable? create them down and also take lock on.


3. Plan your food.

Grab-n-go to be my significant downfall come why i was obese. I didn’t desire to take the moment to discover to cook and eat, nor did I want to make the time to do them either. If i made the time to cook, i figured ns wouldn’t have actually time to perform all the various other things in mine life. Ns soon understood this ridiculous thinking was do me fat. Thus, i learned to arrangement meals. Instead of running to the keep 2-3 times a week, I started going on Sundays and also cooking because that the main Sunday night. As soon as you know specifically how lot you’re going come eat each week (42 proteins, 21 carbs, 14 fats), it’s straightforward to buy specifically what girlfriend need and prepare that for your meals.

What’s her go-to meal?

4. Adjust your environment.

I had to open minded look at my surroundings and also make some hard decisions. These impacted my husband and also daughter together well. Ns stuffed all the “bad foods” right into the bottom that the pantry, making them hard to find and harder to reach. Eventually, mine family decided to remove them altogether. I put the bikes in the prior of the garage rather of behind the garbage cans, ns pulled the hand weights out of the closet and put them next to the couch, and I quit buying my trigger foods even though they were “good” foodstuffs on the list. No much more chocolate, cheese, or tortillas.

How have the right to you change up her kitchen?

5. Rearrange your friends.

My friendship circles changed. Quite than “grab a bite,” I started asking lock to perform things with me. We began taking walks, attending practice classes and trying brand-new hobbies. Mine “go the end to dinner” spending plan turned right into an “fun and exercise” budget. I developed strategies approximately scenarios with relatives and also work colleagues i wouldn’t have the ability to avoid therefore that ns stuck come the plan and continued my load loss. At work meetings, I brought my very own snacks; after ~ conversations with an overwhelming people, I’d walk for a walk instead of reach because that chips.

Who can be her walking buddy?

Remember your Intrinsic Goals

Losing 32 pounds was never easy. The entire time I had actually to go earlier to my intrinsic goal for why I wanted to lose the weight. Ns looked in ~ the background of load loss in mine family and also all the baggage the went with it, and I vowed i didn’t desire to pass the on to mine 15-year-old daughter. Thus, I composed this down:

“My intrinsic value is to be a duty model because that my daughter to it is in a healthy, fit mom, who, when’s she’s 75, is not still count calories and also trying to shed weight.”

Weight ns Tricks that Help

I learned a few tips and tricks along the way and fashioned a couple of of my own State of Slim trusted recipes.

1. Gain to love non-fat Greek Yogurt.

As a vegetarian, following the State of Slim regime was hard. I did made decision to eat fish follow me the method because SOS doesn’t “allow” the timeless combining of rice and also beans as a protein (that’s 2 carbs!) I’d buy businessman Joe’s no Fat Greek Yogurt through the case, and also I’d dash to Target for a Chobani if ns ran out also soon. I ultimately learned just how to do my own non fat Greek Yogurt through this recipe.

Homemade non Fat Greek Yogurt (without a slow cooker or Instapot)

Bring a gallon the non fat milk come 180 degrees.Cool to 130 degrees.Add 1/4 trader Joe’s non Fat Greek Yogurt.Stir.Let sit overnight.Strain in a double cheese cloth.

Voila–8 cup of trader Joe’s non Fat Greek Yogurt for $2.60.

2. Include PB2 come yogurt and cottage cheese.

I loved both the original peanut butter flavor and also the chocolate PB2. They were life savers. There are now brand-new flavors, yet I haven’t tried them. These space not a substitute because that protein flour (which ns don’t like), but they add an excellent flavor and also make yogurt a treat.

3. Do a sheet of veggies and also shrimp together your go-to meal for as soon as you don’t want to cook. Make this shrimp and veggie recipe by the sheet and keep in the fridge.

Shrimp and also Veggies paper Dinner

Cut up a ton that veggies.Add to a huge zip lock bag.Toss in soybean beans sauce and also your favourite seasonings.Add frozen, headless, skinless shrimp (get huge frozen bags at her local asian market, it’s super cheap).Toss.Spread top top a cookie sheet.Bake at 400 for 18 minutes.

4. Buy 2 dozen eggs at a time.

You’ll eat egg whites till you’re practically crazy. Come tolerate them, add a dash the turmeric. In the morning, toss part riced cauliflower in a pan with a dash the water. Cook until soft. Include egg whites and turmeric, height with fresh tomato and also green pepper.

5. Do pumpkin-carrot muffins together a an excellent high-protein, low-carb snack.

Add come a bowl:1/2 cup pumpkin (If it’s out of season, acquire it on Amazon.)2 tbs PB24 egg whites1/2 cup not fat Greek yogurt1/2 shredded carrots

Mix. Include in1 cup rolling oats (not instant)1 tsp baking soda1 tsp baking powder1 tsp cinnamon1 tsp nutmeg

Drop into muffin tins. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

2 muffins amounts to 1 carb, 1 protein, and are phase 1, 2, and also 3 friendly.

Success Forever


6 weeks out of the program, I have actually maintained my load loss, I proceed to practice 420 minute a week, and I constantly look at for ways to remain out the my comfort zone. I’m tho technically overweight by the charts, and also maybe I’ll walk for another ten pounds later on this year. Or not. Never ever the less, I have no desire come eat the junk I offered to eat, and I uncover ritual in cooking and also eating clean and healthy. Ns am incredibly happy, ns feel great, and most the all, mine daughter is acquisition note.

One Year Later: February 2019 update to State the Slim

After the program finished in summer that 2018, I found it hard to number out exactly how to “safely” eat off the list. I hesitated to shot anything the wasn’t list friendly, fear to death I’d get weight. Ns vowed i would never weigh an ext than 5 pounds of where I finished my weight loss, and also I watched the scale like a hawk. Eventually, I got to trust my hunger and my body. My load fluctuated by a couple of pounds, and also one time i did hit mine 5 pounds over goal load (after a vacation!)

When i jumped over my 5 pound limit, i went appropriate onto step 1 for a few days and also got the vacation weight off. Due to the fact that then, I’ve kept my program-ending load with relative ease. Ns still practice a ton; 3-4 classes a week and 16000 measures on 6 job of the week. I still eat a an extremely clean diet, but I carry out eat ice cream and also treats along the way. Ns consciously think around my food everyday and readjust throughout the day or week to compensate for any type of treats or snacks.

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Currently, I’m living in Santiago, Chile for a month. The foods items I love in Colorado are tough to find, and also the Santiago treats beckon my weak will power. I offer myself the deluxe of do the efforts a neighborhood food every couple of days (empanadas anyone?), while at the exact same time, I have actually stuck to a daily exercise regiment. I know that there is no the exercise, ns can’t gain the Chilean treats. And, I continue to jump the end of my comfort zone. This mainly I’ve played ultimate Frisbee, attend an outdoor Zumba class, and also signed up because that a boxing class. I’m having the time of my life. And, my weight proceeds to continue to be low in mine zone.