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Star battles Trilogy Arcade through Sega

Join the Rebel Alliance and relive the legendary occasions of the initial Star wars Trilogy in this excellent video game by Sega Amusements! Star wars Trilogy Arcade to be released in 1998. The video game is a 3D rail shooter based on the original trilogy of Star battles films and was released along with the unique editions of these films.

Players take upon lock the function of Luke Skywalker together he learn the Force and also fights the Goliath the is the Galactic Empire. Paris an X-Wing and also destroy the first Death Star; push back against the monstrous AT-AT walkers at the battle of Hoth and escape from that frozen planet; infiltrate the (SECOND) moon the Endor to deactivate the second Death Star’s shield and then end the risk of the realm once and also for all.

Star wars Trilogy Arcade likewise features bonus sequences wherein you usage your trusty light-saber to take the end Boba Fett and face the angry Darth Vader for the last time.


-Powered through Sega’s design 3 hardware

-Iconic Star battles license and also focusing on the movies the didn’t function Jar jug Binks

-Uses your favorite currently pulled directly from the movies

-Combo scoring mechanism incentivizes exact shooting

-Easy come use solitary joystick controller

-Special occasions activated by one of two big buttons that will light up as soon as you have the right to use the event

-Deluxe cabinet attributes a large screen that us can convert into a contemporary LCD for an extra cost

-About 30 min the gameplay for experienced players who will come earlier again and also again to height their ideal scores

-Leaderboard through 50 spots

At Elite residence Gamerooms, we take proud in the quality of our products and also our service, i beg your pardon is why all of our games come with our market leading warranty. We market incredible warranties on both new and revitalized games.

Warranty Inside company Area (Florida Gulf shore Area)

5-Year vouch On All brand-new Pinball makers and new Arcade Games

First Year: Bumper to Bumper No fee (Parts, Labor and Road service Included)

2nd and 3rd Year: $100 flat Rate Per service Call (Parts, Labor and also Road company Included)

4th and 5th Year: $200 level Rate Per company Call (Parts, Labor and Road service Included)

1-Year warranty On all Reconditioned/Restored Pinball Machines and also Arcade Games

First 90 Days: Bumper come Bumper No charge (Parts, Labor and also Road organization Included)

Balance of very first Year: $100 flat Rate per service Call (Parts, Labor and also Road company Included)

Warranty Outside service Area

5-Year limited Warranty top top All new Pinball equipments and brand-new Arcade Games

First year: any kind of replacement components shipped at no charge.

2nd and 3rd Year: Replacement components shipped in ~ a best of $100 level Rate.

4th and 5th Year: Replacement components shipped in ~ a best of $200 level Rate.

*Purchaser is responsible for job fees

1-Year warranty On all Reconditioned/Restored Pinball Machines and Arcade Games

First 90 Days: Replacement components shipped in ~ no charge.

Balance of first Year: Replacement parts shipped at a preferably of $100 level Rate.

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* Purchaser responsible for labor fees.

Local Curbside delivery (Florida Gulf coast Area) $99.99

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