I’m back again with another Resistance discussion/review. Ns took a couple of weeks turn off of bigger write ups because of pesky exams.

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*Spoilers Below*



Before we obtain into mine thoughts, here’s a quick refresher on the plot of the episode.

My thoughts:

The illustration sits in my top half of the 7 we’ve had actually so far. As a standalone episode it wasn’t anything mental blowing, yet I think that will perhaps have wider implications and collection up future episodes, or maybe even tie in come TROS later on this year.

Reference come the supreme Leader (who would be Kylo at this point, ns think) and also the illustration of Raider Troopers, who are gathering Sith relics from about the galaxy for him, renders me think this could affix in some method to the upcoming film.

I really liked the consists of part Jedi/Sith lore. It spiced up the episode, i beg your pardon would’ve been just a conventional supply operation gone not correct otherwise. I think it’s the an initial time in canon the we acquire a factor for why Jedi construct temples end Sith ones, as apparently it’s an act of purification.

As v previous episodes this season, the story felt really contained. Also though us are planet hopping this season, the range seems unmodified to me, yet perhaps the is down to visiting sparsely lived in planets for this reason far. This is no necessarily a poor thing, due to the fact that it permits for greater focus on our Resistance heroes.

I perform think that as soon as the first Order and Tam pat a larger role, it opens up the story. Which bring me to the question; whereby is Tam? yes, really think we have to check back in on her soon.

Wasn’t too sure on the new character Mika Grey at first. She seemed quite aggressive, yet it’s understandable as soon as Kaz practically killed her. She beginning to warm up quickly after and also bond v the two kids over expertise of the force, yet it’s left rather ambiguous regarding what level she is at risk to it. She additionally appears to have actually some real super person strength there.

I also thought it was exciting that whilst most citizens of the galaxy space unaware or deny the existence of the force, this certain settlement is built approximately a Jedi temple, and also when the Sith temple emerges they flee and also warn rather of its evil.

Some BTS info:

For much more cool facts about the episode, follow the connect to an article about this episode on the main Star battles website.

The planet in this episode, Ashas Ree, dates ago to ‘Tales that the Jedi’ in Legends.

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The character of Mika Grey evolved from imagining what Asajj Ventress would have actually been choose if she had actually survived into this era.

After creating my early stage thoughts, it appears the post below corroborates my speculation about this illustration connecting come future Star battles content. (Point #6)

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