The computer mouse does not occupational in Battlefront 2 if any of the overlay programs space interfering with the game. It can also be led to by a corrupt cache or corrupted game files. If any kind of of the forced Origin solutions are disabled, then it can cause issues through the game engine and hence reason instability v HCI tools like the mouse.

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Battlefront 2

Sometimes, your cursor will not show up during the game and the user will certainly not be able to select any kind of of the menus or characters. Conversely, in other cases, only the rotate wheel the the cursor will appear.

How to solve Battlefront 2 mouse not Working?

Before trying any kind of of the solutions

Restart her system. This will remove all temporarily stored configurations and reinitialize all parameters.Check if the mouse in the game is functioning fine in borderless mode.Make certain no gaming controller/joystick/gamepad is connected.Disconnect every the devices/printers/scanners/mobile phones etc. From your system and also then try using the mouse.Connect your mouse to a different USB port.Make certain Battlefront 2 and Origin, both are launched with the administrator privileges.

To resolve the cursor in Star wars Battlefront 2, monitor the undermentioned solutions:

Solution 1: upgrade Windows and System Drivers

Outdated windows OS and also system drivers can it is in the root cause of countless issues. The very first step in troubleshooting countless games related concerns should be to update Windows and system drivers. Make sure that you have actually an energetic internet connection before proceeding.

Exit the game.Press Windows an essential and kind Update. Climate in the find results, click on Check because that Updates.Check for Updates in home windows SearchThen click Check for Updates in the Windows upgrade window.
Checking for home windows UpdatesIf there are updates available, download and install all of them.Check because that Updates in SettingsAlthough, Windows upgrade is offered by manufacturers to upgrade your device drivers, however it is quiet a great idea come check the manufacturer’s website manually because that updated system drivers.

Solution 2: Disabling/Closing conflict Applications

Battlefront 2 merely does no “like” overlay programs. If you room using an overlay application, then disabling the overlay might solve the problem. Battlefront 2 also can no co-exist v TeamViewer to run in the background so make certain that the is disabled. Double-check in the taskbar to make sure.

Here space some techniques to disable the well-known overlays provided with Battlefront 2.

For Discord Overlay:

Close the game.On her system, start Discord.Open Discord’s settingsThen click ‘Overlay‘Now toggle the move of “Enable in-game overlay” come off.
Switch off allow in-game overlayNow start the game and also check if the problem is solved.If not, near the video game again.Then right-click top top the Taskbar and then select Task Manager.Open task ManagerNow search for and kill all procedures belonging to Discord.Now start the game and also check if the problem is solved.

Disable origin Overlay

Close the game.Launch Origin and open Application Settings.
Open Application setups in OriginNow click on much more and then open Origin In-Game.
Open origin in GameThen toggle the switch of “Enable beginning in Game” to off.
Switch off enable Origin in GameNow beginning the game and also check if the trouble is solved.You can likewise press Shift+F1 if the game is running to carry out the Origin window and climate disable beginning Overlay.

Disable GeForce suffer Overlay

Close the game.Launch GeForce Experience.Then in the optimal right corner, click on the Gear IconNavigate to the General Tab.Now disable In-game overlay.
Disable In-Game Overlay that GeForce ExperienceNow launch the game and check if the difficulty is solved.

If you room still having the issue, climate disable Windows DVR/Game bar.

Solution 3: permit Origin Startup Services

Different origin services space started once your device starts. Majority of the services run in the background. If any kind of of those solutions are disabled, then it can reason numerous concerns like the mouse difficulty in Battlefield 2. In that case, allowing all the startup services pertained to the Origin customer may settle the problem.

Exit the game and Origin client.Now right-click on Taskbar and select Task Manager.Open task ManagerThen navigate come the Startup tab.
Navigate come Startup tab of the job ManagerNow choose the service related come the Origin client and click on Enable.Repeat the procedure for every the services related to the beginning client.Now restart her system.Then beginning the Battlefront 2 and also check if the difficulty is solved.

Solution 4: avoid Origin internet Helper Service

Origin net Helper company has a known history of producing different gaming issues. Maybe, the present problem is additionally being led to by the same service. In the case, we can try disabling the Origin web Helper Service and see if this solves the problem.

Exit the game and also Origin client.Then push Windows+R secrets and kind services.msc.
Type “services.msc” right into the run dialog and also press EnterNow in the services window, find and also right-click the Origin internet Helper Service.Then in the menu, click Stop.
Stop Origin internet Helper ServiceNow beginning Battlefront 2 and check if the difficulty is solved.

Solution 5: move off guideline Acceleration

If you room using Steelseries products and acceleration is permitted in pointer settings, climate it can cause the computer mouse not to occupational in your Battlefield game. Here, we can shot disabling acceleration in pointer settings and also see if this makes any type of difference.

Exit the game and Origin.Press Windows vital and kind Settings. Then in the find results, click Settings.
Open windows SettingsNow open Devices.
Open devices in home windows SettingsThen in the left pane that the window, click on Mouse.Open computer mouse in DevicesNow click on Additional mouse Options.Open additional Mouse OptionsThen in pointer Setting, switch turn off Acceleration.Now start Battlefront 2 and also check if the difficulty is solved.

Solution 6: clean the Cache the the origin Client

Corrupted Cache that the Origin customer can reason a many of concerns for a user. The video game makes usage of the cache every time the game gets loaded and keep fetching and also sending data in between as well. If the really cache is corrupt, that can cause glitches in the game which also includes mouse problems. In that case, clearing the cache of the Origin client may deal with the problem.

Exit the game and Origin. Then death all the procedures related to beginning through the job Manager.Press Windows+R keys which will carry out the run command box. Climate type

%ProgramData%/OriginOpen beginning Folder in routine Dataand press EnterNow discover the folder LocalContent (you must not delete this folder). Then delete every the folders other than the LocalContent folder.

Do no Delete LocalContent FolderAgain, open up the run command box, kind the following and also press Enter.%AppData%%appdata% as a operation commandNow in the Roaming folder, find and delete the Origin folder.Now in the resolve bar, click on AppData.
Click top top AppDataNow open the Local folder.Again, find and also delete the Origin folder.Now restart your system.Then beginning the game and also check if the difficulty is solved.

Solution 7: repair the Game documents of Battlefield 2

The concern you are facing might be a result of corrupted game papers of Battlefield 2. Game records get corrupt once an update goes dorn or the game was moved in between folders or drives. If the game files are corrupt, the video game may exhibit several difficulties including the mouse. In the case, repairing the game files may deal with the problem.

Exit the game.Then launch Origin and also open My game Library.Selecting “My game Library” from the left paneNow right-click top top the icon of Battlefront 2 and also then click on Repair Game.
Repair the GameAfter completion of the repairing process, inspect if the trouble is solved.

Solution 8: Reinstall Battlefield 2

If nothing has helped you so far, then you are left through no other option than come reinstall Battlefront 2. Make certain that you save your preferences as they will certainly be removed during the reinstallation process.

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Exit the game.Then launch Origin and open My video game Library.Selecting “My game Library” from the left paneNow right-click on the icon of Battlefront 2 and also then click on Uninstall.After perfect of the uninstallation process, restart your system.Then download and also install Battlefront 2.