Park Falls, WI – fueled by an influx of quality, affordable gear and our society’s farming love affair through all manner of low-impact eco-recreation, paris fishing has took pleasure in tremendous development in current years. No doubt, the sport’s expansion into warmwater realms has helped increase its popularity, too.

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Once a game reserved practically exclusively because that cold waters and also trout, paris fishing is now widely employed come target almost any gamefish that swims, consisting of two that America’s most renowned freshwater species, the plentiful largemouth and also smallmouth bass. Not just is paris fishing for bass tons of fun, sometimes it’s the best method to record them – specifically on highly pressured waters. Bass anglers are learning highly reliable fly fishing gift that just cannot it is in replicated with traditional casting or rotate tackle.

Given the vast distribution of both trout and bass fishing opportunities today, great fly fishing isn’t tough to find. Affordable, versatile and also smooth-casting fly rods designed for a myriad that trout and also bass fishing applications and techniques shouldn’t be either. That’s the incentive behind St. Croix’sMojo TroutandMojo Bassseries of paris rods.

St. Croix Mojo Trout paris Rods

The St. CroixMojo TroutSeries consists of 11 purposeful two- and also four-piece models varying from 6’0” and 9’0” in length and also covering the all-important 2-7 trout-fishing line weights. The an outcome is a complete quiver that premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite fly rods come cover popular trout-specific paris fishing applications, readily available at angler-friendly prices.


“I love the method these rods fill so effortlessly… your smooth, available power,” states Jen Ripple, Owner and Editor-In-Chief ofDUN Magazine.”I can make a range of casts and presentations through Mojo Trout and also fight a fish on light tippet without being worried that the slightest move will break them off.”

Ripple, a renowned fly fishing speaker, teacher and also conservation support travels to paris fish worldwide, yet makes her house in Dover, Tennessee, whereby she plies the big-bass waters the Kentucky Lake and also Lake Barkley, as well as the intimate and wild trout streams that the good Smoky Mountains.

“I love the 8’ 4-wt Mojo Trout (MT804.4) because that those small mountain streams,” she says. “It’s mine go-to in the Smokies due to the fact that of the versatility, and the moss eco-friendly metallic shade blends perfectly in little stream settings. Stealth is important. There’s a the majority of tiny bag water which regularly requires very tiny line out… close-quarters spreading with short, high-stick drifts. But then sometimes I should boom a an extremely long actors upstream about a boulder. The moderate-fast action loads quickly without a bunch that extra false casting that can spook fish,” proceeds Ripple, who likewise has great things come say about Mojo Trout’s accuracy.

“It’s choose an expansion of her arm… where you placed the guideline is where the fly lands, and also that’s something friend can’t say around every fly rod – specifically one in ~ this price. Every these rods have actually a really good feel and an excellent accuracy, yet the 8’ 4-wt does precisely what I need a pole to do in the Smokies. It’s a beast through a floating line, long ten-foot leader and also a little dry fly.”

A big part of Ripple’s day-to-day work has demystifying paris fishing and helping remove the obstacles – both real and perceived – that serve to limit participation, particularly by women, that represent among the fastest-growing segment of not simply fly fishing, yet all varieties of fishing.

“A paris rod must be judged by just how it performs, no by that price tag,” states Ripple. “St. Croix Mojo Trout are beautifully constructed rods offered at prices the make them available to almost anyone, and from a firm you deserve to trust. That doesn’t acquire any better than that.”

Mojo Trout fly rods employ premium, high-modulus SCIII carbon and also slim-profile ferrules to create moderate-fast-action rods which are both smooth-casting and also accurate. The collection features Kigan grasp Hand 3D stripper guides with aluminum-oxide rings and also black frames, to add Sea Guide® black PVD-coated snake guides because that extra hardness, smooth casting and also line shooting. One uplocking machined-aluminum reel seat and also premium-grade cork handle assure comfortable ergonomics. Each rod comes v a cloth rod sack.


Designed in Park Falls, U.S.A., St. CroixMojo Troutfly rods deliver an ideal mix of performance and also value to paris anglers the all experience levels. Whether spreading tiny dries to indigenous brook trout top top tight mountain creeks or stripping streamers for big and wild browns on big freestone rivers, there’s Mojo Trout paris rod produced the method you fish. All models carry a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Retail prices selection from $180-$210.

St. Croix Mojo bass Fly Rods

Engineered to manage the large, wind-resistant flies used by fly fishing base anglers – poppers, deer-hair divers and also streamers, frogs, heavy crayfish imitations and also other fads – the St. CroixMojo bass FlySeries contains three 7’11” two-piece paris rods rated because that 7-, 8-, and 9-weight lines. These rods are equally adept in ~ targeting both largemouth and smallmouth bass through surface and also subsurface flies on floating, intermediate or sinking-tip lines. The larger two models are also excellent selections for north pike.


St. Croix rod pro-staffer, Tanner Speidel, stays in east Iowa, within close proximity to the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, and countless other abundant interior waters. He spends most of his time prospecting the smaller rivers the Iowa’s Northeast, which are house to prolific populations of smallmouth bass, walleye, and also Northern pike.

“Northern pike are my favorite game. Sight fishing for pike in small creeks and watching castle demolish the fly never gets old. Very sewing pike are an extremely forgiving, for this reason if your an initial presentation doesn"t appeal come them, the 2nd one more than likely will,” says Speidel, who shares an same affinity for casting topwater poppers for flow smallies and largemouth base on his area’s numerous lakes and ponds. “If the rivers room flooded, I constantly switch gears come fishing ponds and lakes because that largemouth bass. Catching big, farm-pond largemouth on surface ar poppers is a law that, unfortunately, some fly anglers never gain to experience.”

Kayak-fishing is gaining rapid popularity, largely as result of ease-of-ownership and also the increased accessibility the small, manageable vessels afford. Speidel routinely deploys his kayak in assistance of his paris fishing pursuits.

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“Fly fishing indigenous a kayak is an arts in itself. Standing, casting, regulating line and maneuvering the kayak can acquire frustrating, however a much shorter rod provides things much easier,” states Speidel, that lauds the 7"11"" length of Mojo base Fly rods for accurate target-casting in close-quarter areas. “The shorter length is just a lot more manageable in a smaller boat and also when you are fishing closer come the surface of the water. Kayak fishing is incredibly stealthy, enabling you to get closer come fish and additionally get into incredibly shallow areas. A an accurate cast and great kayak position deserve to be really rewarding.Mojo bass Fly rods just make everything much easier to pull off.”

Speidel gravitates come the Mojo bass Fly 8-weight model (MBF7118.2) for the majority of his fishing. “It’s my utility rod,” states Speidel, who most regularly pairs it through a clinical Anglers Mastery Bass pest weight-forward floating line. “The 280-grain weight is perfect for huge bass poppers and tiny pike flies.” because that pike streamer fishing, Speidel uses quick fluorocarbon leaders through a brief section of Rio cable Bite tippet. “The Mojo base Fly 8-weight handles whatever I throw, and it rolls with the punches. All 3 of this rods are developed to take it a beating, and also for the retail price of $160, one can afford to press them come the limit and put huge flies right where they’ll count. They’ve perform flawlessly because that me, therefore I extremely recommend providing them a shot.”

Mojo bass Flyrods are developed tough with premium-quality SCII carbon and finished through two coats that Flex-Coat slow-moving cure finish. Featuring a moderate-fast activity that’s best for accurate casts with heavy, wind-resistant flies at short-to-medium distances, these rods productivity surprising power. The collection features Kigan understand Hand 3D stripper guides with aluminum-oxide rings and black frames, plus hard chrome snake guides. One uplocking machined-aluminum reel seat, premium-grade cork handle and fighting butt work together to guarantee comfortable casting and also fish-fighting ergonomics. Every rod comes v a fabric rod sack.