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Sporty-O"s "Let Me hit It" is a 2009 electronic dance tune by Atlanta-based music artist Sporty-O. Online, the song came to be linked come the Danganronpa character Junko after ~ one YouTuber uploaded a miku miku dance utilizing the song. On TikTok, the was provided in several trends including junko-posing, transition challenge and a finger coordination challenge.


On September 9th, 2009, YouTuber Young Dro uploaded "Sporty – o – let Me Hit that ( Audiostalkers initial Mix) ideal QUALITY !!!" prior to the track to be online and also garnered end 11.7 million see in 11 year (shown below). Sporty-O climate released the song to iTunes<1> in 2013.


On November 8th, 2015, YouTuber !Cuteravegirl147! :) uploaded "MMD- Drop that (Junko)" which obtained over 49,600 views and 1,500 likes in five years. The tune was then offered in various other anime videos.

On June 19th, 2019, TikToker xforgotten_audiosx uploaded the track to TikTok and also gained over 1,500 likes in a year (shown below, left). ~ above July 2nd, TikToker badguyincorporated uploaded a Junko cosplay video of herself doing fast poses (shown below, right). The video clip accumulated end 133,500 likes in a year and also the posing ended up being a trend.

In January 2020, TikTokers also began making use of the track in the transition an obstacle where they show off their editing skills. For example, ~ above January 31st, TikToker shay_bar uploaded a transition an obstacle video that gained over 473,700 likes in 4 months (shown below, left). In might 2020, TikTokers began a finger coordination trend using the song. On might 14th, TikToker wot.dennis uploaded an example in which lock pinch their fingers to the to win of separate parts (shown below, right). The video clip garnered over 603,500 likes in a week. Due to the song"s popularity on tiktok many believed the song to be dubbed "Junko (despair)" by Josiane Lessard as result of a Shazam<2> error.





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