17 inappropriate Jokes You completely Missed In SpongeBob SquarePants if SpongeBob SquarePants may have been labeled together a kid"s show, it didn"t protect against the authors from throw in some very inappropriate adult jokes...

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SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the many successful and also beloved kid"s mirrors of every time. Running strong since 1999, the world has followed the adventures that SpongeBob and his plenty of sea-based buddies in their bizarre and hilarious adventures.

Part of SpongeBob"s success is due largely in part to the remarkable writing; the happy go happy humor, the superb storylines, and the lovable cast of characters have all kept kids and also adults alike coming earlier to Bikini Bottom season ~ season.

Sure, adults deserve to like SpongeBob SquarePants based ~ above its innocent and also uplifting nature, however the actual reason why most adults keep stopping by the pineapple under the sea is because that the terrific adult humor surprise under the guise that a children"s show. Much like Pixar"s movies, SpongeBob SquarePants keeps any kind of adult entertained in ~ the exact same level, if no more, 보다 the youngsters it"s plan for.

Wiener jokes, STDs, and every adult-theme under the sea hoax lands ideal in the lap of any type of adult the sits under to a half hour of sponge and friends. Any type of readers who loved SpongeBob SquarePants as a kid, and continue to perform so now, may have actually a whole new appreciation because that the show once lock actually start to know some of the adult jokes hidden within that flew appropriate over your heads as soon as they to be kids.

So, grab a Krabby Pattie, feed her snail, punch yourself a bubble chair, and get ready, kids, for the 17 Inappropriate joke You completely Missed In SpongeBob SquarePants


In an effort to obtain Gary to take a bath, SpongeBob paints the bathtub up as a treasure chest and also pretends the Gary and him are pirates complying with a treasure map. Upon learning the “chest,” SpongeBob pulls out two doubloons, which are actually bars the soap, telling Gary to no drop them. Yes, SpongeBob simply made a joke much more suitable because that Oz than a children show.

This one is a great example of just how to hide adult joke in a kid’s show; for children viewing, SpongeBob could easily have been telling Gary to not drop the doubloons due to the fact that they’re treasure.

However, native an adult"s view the joke immediately jumps to the age old jail advice of never ever dropping the soap, for fear that bending over will result in undesirable attention from other inmates.

SpongeBob is a really in-demand sponge, a porous busybody with a severe schedule to store between all of his friends and also hobbies. This is never an ext evident 보다 in the illustration “Overbooked”, wherein SpongeBob struggles to keep all his assures to his friends.

In the midst of running roughly during the episode, SpongeBob stops right into a bakery to procure a cake because that Patrick’s birthday. However, it turns out the the only cake the bakery has is a cake that reads “Sorry around the Scabies” in vibrant purple icing.

This one would certainly slip by most kids due to the fact that they would have no idea what Scabies is (it’s an STD or condition that requires burrowing mites that cause rashes), and also probably makes most adults’ skin crawl. The joke was acquired from writer Casey Alexander’s experience with the skin-munching mites in ~ a young age.

as soon as the mailman comes to deliver a letter from well known producer Barry Baracuda informing Squidward the they will not be creating his play, SpongeBob is required to improvise in the skulking squid’s lack when the mailman is looking for him. SpongeBob blows up a collection of balloons to make a was standing in Squidward, which scares the bejesus out that the mailman.

Nothing is also crazy with that, though, as it seems choose a pretty typical series of occasions for a SpongeBob SquarePants episode, as well as the truth that the “balloons” SpongeBob uses are actually condoms.

How deserve to one be certain that they aren’t simply oblong balloons? since when do long balloons have actually reservoir tips? Also, why go SpongeBob have actually so countless on the on such brief notice? He need to be having actually a serious party in that pineapple after ~ his shift.

14 A Fish v A Strange Appetite

In the episode “Prehibernation Week”, SpongeBob is act his finest to save up with Sandy as she is anxious about having actually hibernate sooner 보다 she expects. In the midst of their too much activities, a fish v a serious twisted fantasy is found in the act... Twice.

As the duo sand-boards, Sandy passes a skiing pair at such a furious pace that she burns the male skier’s garments away, revealing a child’s tricycle and outfit finish with lollypop and paddle ball, every while a children’s nursery happiness plays.

His woman companion looks on in shock before he spouts the infamous, “Uhh, I can explain.” he is checked out again in the precise same scenario as soon as Sandy rips his residence off the its foundation while trying to find SpongeBob.

The fish’s recurring appearances would seem to indicate that he’s right into some adult infant stuff during his off time, going so far regarding wear the garments under his skiing outfit in a blatant attempts to job-related his kink right into his every day life. Assuming the the mrs fish the was viewed skiing with previously was his wife, it appears something he is ashamed of and hasn"t yet told her about.

Squidward’s nemesis Squilliam Fancyson phone call him out in the episode “Squilliam Returns”, claiming that Squidward-- that wasa vote most most likely to suck eggs in high school-- hasn’t amounted to much due to the fact that graduating.

During a speech, Squidward tries the tired and also true technique implemented for public speaking, imagining the audience in their underwear. Once Squidward tries to imagine Squilliam in his skivvies, the backfires big time.

Instead of being lankly and also undefined (much favor Squidward), Squilliam is packing some major six-pack abs and also a set of it s as beautiful as picture pectorals under his smoking cigarettes jacket, lot to Squidward’s dismay.

It’s pretty humorous to watch a display that features humanlike sea life paste among its character’s top on a person body, however the implication that Squilliam is totally superior come Squidward in every way-- consisting of physically-- is hilarious and would to rise over most children’s heads.

12 There"s A Hotline for That

together Patrick and SpongeBob make their method over to watch a jousting match in “Dunces and also Dragons,” an employee of medieval Moments greets them and points our deep-sea duo come the jousting arena.

When SpongeBob corrects the employee’s lack of Old English and also makes off with Patrick giggling, the camera pole on the employee, dressed together a castle guard, who sticks his spear hesitantly to his neck prior to lowering it and also dejectedly muttering, “Someday…but no today.”

There space a couple of things that room downright baffling, such together this, and also it"s a wonder exactly how the SpongeBob SquarePants team was able to on slide them by Nickelodeon censors. The a serious dark keep in mind when compared to the particularly joyful show, i m sorry usually features SpongeBob and also Patrick running with fields and also giggling. The an outcome is dark, adult, and not what one would expect when watching a kid’s show.

yes sir a factor why most companies have stopped having actually open bars at their holiday parties; people who spend every work together, budding resentment or sex-related tension, have a tendency to walk a little bit crazy once they have endless booze funneled right into their mouths.

SpongeBob could not it is in doing keg stands, yet he certainly is getting wild sufficient to produce embarrassing snapshots. Plus, Patrick and him acquire drunk in the movie and other episodes turn off of ice cream, so perhaps he was hitting the rum raisin a little hard that details Christmas?

Either way, it’s good enough to stay locked in Patrick’s an enig box, so it has to be something ridiculously embarrassing; the enhancement of a Christmas party definitely means some sponge skullduggery was involved, most likely after a couple of cold ones.

10 A Fry cook That Tosses much more Than Patties

In the midst of Kevin C. Cucumber forcing SpongeBob to experience ridiculous tests to prove his worthy of coming to be a Jellyspotter, the lovable sponge is called to placed jelly on his face to feed wild jellyfish.

“Who desires to lick my cheeks,” that proclaims together a swarm of jellyfish relocate towards him. That phrasing after ~ prominently special his sponge butt previously in the episode in all its glory is proof the the authors were going for-- and achieved-- a well inserted butt joke.

While seemingly innocent, over there are countless other phrasings that the authors over at SpongeBob SquarePants might have chosen that i will not ~ instantly invoke photos of a porous collection of butt cheeks.

Though this can be interpreted as a childish joke, like most toilet humor, tossing someone’s salad is a an extremely adult concept. Even worse is SpongeBob’s insistence the the plenty of feeding jellyfish tickle as they lick the jelly indigenous his cheeks.

The beginning of the illustration “Your shoes Untied”, starts v an very adult hoax unrelated come the remainder of the story. SpongeBob is city hall a sea anemone run to some serious pole dance music as it swings to and also fro.

SpongeBob leans forwards, obviously intently interested on what’s unfolding on screen, once Gary sneaks up on the from off screen. He quickly alters to football, nervously claiming the he was “looking because that the sporting activities channel.”

SpongeBob was completely watching part late night programming, the type where the sea anemone holes space floundered approximately wildly come cheesy music. SpongeBob’s worried surprise and quick an altering of the channel, along with one the the classic,“I’m totally not watching porn!” all allude toward the programming no being very acceptable for chaste eyes.

8 A Touch Too real For Couples

SpongeBob and also Patrick discover an abandoned infant scallop and also quickly decide to become adoptive parents. The episode might be the many adult SpongeBob SquarePants episode ever before made, mainly due to the fact that of its depictions the marriage and also relationships.

SpongeBob and also Patrick’s connection starts well enough, with both parents accepting equal responsibility of their newfound baby. However, Patrick starts going come “work,” if SpongeBob is grounding taking care of Junior, cleaning the house, and apparently stuffing diapers almost everywhere that he perhaps can.

Things reach a boiling point that is only rectified by Junior lastly leaving the nest, which brings SpongeBob and also Patrick ago together in the culmination of their mutual goal.

The episode is eerily accurate and adult, one eleven minute synopsis of the standing of marriage, societal norms, and the function of marriage and gender in the contemporary age. The interlaces these adult themes with SpongeBob SquarePants’ clever brand that humor, consisting of topless and also body hair jokes.

Not just is the feeling adult, yet the contemplative watch at culture is mature sufficient to fly end the head of any type of child viewer.

as soon as SpongeBob and Patrick set out to sell patties top top the roadway with a submarine in the illustration “20,000 Patties Under The Sea”, SpongeBob speak Squidward goodbye twice, the 2nd time adding a dreamy flair to it. Once Patrick concerns why SpongeBob claimed goodbye come Squidward twice, SpongeBob replies that he “likes Squidward.”

Nothing wrong through that, after all SpongeBob is a pretty happy go happy sponge, and tends to prefer everyone and everything. However, the sultry spin put on the 2nd parting words come Squidward would certainly make viewers assume the SpongeBob’s “like” is that a sex-related nature.

Again, nothing wrong through that; theories of SpongeBob gift gay have actually circulated due to the fact that the show’s an initial season. The feasible sexual undertones elevate that from children’s feeling to adult undertones pretty quickly.

6 Beastiality In Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob ties his seahorse an enig up exterior the Krusty Krab in the illustration “My quite Seahorse”. While secret is parked out front, two locals approach her, reasoning that she a brand-new ride that Mr. Krabs has actually installed for patrons of the restaurant.

They search for a coin slot to begin the ride up, find a “slot,” and also one it s okay kicked into the horizon, finishing in a mushroom cloud. For this reason what sort of slot would 2 curious fish find on a live animal that would reason it to absent so difficult that it finished in atom fission?

With mystery being determined as a woman seahorse, a “slot” would most most likely constitute specifically what you’d think, i m sorry she certain wouldn’t choose being poked, prodded, or used as a coin slot.

In “Krusty Dogs”, Mr. Krabs starts to sell hot dogs made from Krabby Pattie meat, together with the other items top top the menu. After ~ the Krusty Dog becomes much more popular 보다 Bikini Bottom’s favorite burger, Mr. Krabs erases Krabby Patties from the menu, predictably resulting in SpongeBob to have a panic attack.

In an effort to thwart the Krusty Dog’s popularity-- and also get Squidward out of a dignity diminishing Krusty Dog costume-- SpongebBob and Squidward decision to concoct a arrangement that “will make this wiener thing blow increase in Mr. Krab’s face."

There are few things the make civilization laugh choose wiener jokes, specifically when lock slipped right into the commonly innocent banter that a children’s program. Bonus point out for our deep-sea friend deciding the the finest course of action to thwart their crustaceous administration was to provide him a money shot.

4 A Skirt put on Sponge

In the episode “Can You spare A Dime?” Squidward quits his task after Mr. Krabs falsely accuses him of stealing his very first dime. Hearing the Squidward is jobless, SpongeBob agrees come let him continue to be in his pineapple till he gets earlier on his feet. Squidward then, in typical Squidward fashion, he becomes a complete burden on the good Samaritan sponge.

It it s okay to a suggest where Squidward also requires SpongeBob to deliver food to him in bed dressed in a French maid outfit. Not just is this degrading come SpongeBob, yet it could also be thought about sexually deviant, together French maid outfits space generally linked with their very own brand the smutty sexual fantasies.

Sexually driven or not, this gag will certainly sail cleanly over the heads of youngsters who will have no idea why SpongeBob is gift treated so badly, as soon as again, by his worst friend.

persuaded that a hired assassin is ~ him, Patrick asks SpongeBob for assist in thwarting the attempt on his life. SpongeBob says that Patrick have to dress up prefer a girl, causing Patricia being produced in stimulate to protect his identity.

As a classic case of a cross-dressing guy being taken as very attractive woman, the totality of Bikini Bottom go nuts end the newfound heartthrob. So much so, that Mr. Krabs hires Patricia to work-related at the Krusty Krab, when both he and also Squidward complete for her attention.

When Patrick realizes the a rental assassin is not pursuing him, the rips his costume off, causing Squidward’s eyes to shrivel into his head and also Mr. Krabs to dejectedly mutter the he will “be in his office because that the next 20 years, or so.” that implied the Mr. Krabs is around to partake in some major soul looking while sitting behind that desk.

2 i Wonder How many Bags he Buys A Week?

as SpongeBob and Patrick carry out their ideal to make it together door-to-door clerk in “Chocolate v Nuts”, castle regroup to shot and reinvent their sales technique. Spotting a billboard, SpongeBob wonders aloud just how Barnacle Chips room able to sell countless bags a day, regardless of not being as delicious as the billboard promises, come which Patrick replies “not the way that I usage them.”

How exactly does Patrick “use” barnacle chips? besides eating, there are plenty of morally illicit supplies for chips the will greatly diminish the taste; with Patrick’s antics there space a variety of poisonous possibilities that can require that to make his ominous comment.

How much worse they taste ~ Patrick is done “using” them, however, is something the no one wants to discover out...

In “Texas”, Sandy is suffering from a severe situation of homesickness the prompts Patrick to suggest that they bring a part of Texas down to Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob compliments Patrick by telling him the his genius is showing, i beg your pardon causes Patrick to immediately panic and also cover his crotch.

Yep, Patrick thought that his 6th arm was hanging the end of that flower publish bathing suit. This one has actually a tendency to fly ideal over the heads of any type of kids or young people watching. Over there are few things the make united state laugh as tough as wiener jokes, and also this is just one of the biggest ones ever slipped previous Nickelodeon’s censors.

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It’s best at home in one of the many cleverly written children’s mirrors of all time.


Can friend think of any type of other unreasonable adult jokes the were slipped into SpongeBob SquarePants? Sound off in the comment section!