Song Joong-ki"sfans should be so thrilled, together this top korean actor is no only earlier with a film however a collection as fine this year: space opera filmSpace Sweepersand black color comedy seriesVincenzo.

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The 35-year-old actor to be last seen in K-dramaArthdal Chronicles, which finished in September 2019. News around a season 2 because that the said collection made headlines in beforehand 2020, yet its production was stated to have actually been postponed as result of COVID-19. Good thing, not long after the news, in August critical year, tune Joong-kiwas confirmed to take on the lead function for tvN"s Vincenzowith Jeon Yeo-bin and Taecyeon.


track Joong-ki together an Italian lawyer and also mafia consigliere in "Vincenzo" | photograph from tvN via Soompi

"Vincenzo" stars (from left) Taecyeon, Jeon Yeo-bin, and also Song Joong-ki | picture from tVN


Song Joong-ki Battles versus Evil together a Mafia Consigliere in Vincenzo

Of course, like many of his fans, we"re still hope to see the mythical floor of Arth and also Song Joong-ki asEun-seom / Saya.But, in the meantime, his role inVincenzoislikely to please, impress, and leave viewers to solve (and maybe even wanting more). It"snothing favor the previous people he"s operated on.

In K-dramas, he"s depicted a second-year residents (OB & GY),an upperclassman in the Joseon era (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), a bartender/gigolo (The chaste Man), the captain that anelite special forces team (Descendants of the Sun), and also a double character of the same twin warrior (Arthdal Chronicles).In his brand-new series collection to premiere top top February 20, his personality is anItalian lawyerand mafia consigliere who shows up to it is in a cold-hearted, dark hero.

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While we excitedly wait forVincenzo, girlfriend can obtain your track Joong-ki deal with on Netflix today, February 5, via the space opera filmSpace Sweepers. In the futuristic film collection in 2092, he"s a genius pilot who"ll do anything because that money, and also is chasing after an are debris because that a living.