Welcome to the four hundred and eighty-seventh in a series of examinations the comic book legends and whether they room true or false. Click right here for an save of the previous four hundred and eighty-six. This week, was the Batman villain Anarky originally developed to come to be the brand-new Robin? walk Jack Kirby not understand what shade the thing was going come be? and finally, did Iron male really make an oddly sexual proposition to Captian America in a 1974 cap issue?

Let"s begin!

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COMIC LEGEND: Anarky was created with the will of him becoming the new Robin.


Commenter Jonathon Riddle wrote awhile back:

I check out somewhere when that Anarky was produced to be Jason Todd’s replacement as Robin. The idea was to be the Batman, impressed v Lonnie’s creativity, efficiency in the field, and also tactical mind, would train and mold the youngster right into a force for altruism and a follower of Batman’s philosophies. As soon as Tim Drake was presented in Batman through Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Tim gained the editorial approval and Anarchy dropped into obscurity – at the very least until recently. I don’t understand if the was Alan Grant’s setup for the character or not, but it offers that story an exciting dynamic if that is true.

Anarky was introduced in Detective Comics #608 through Alan Grant, norm Breyfogle and also Steve Mitchell (Anarky was created by Grant and Breyfogle). He was a vigilante who provided rather extreme methods to punish "bad" people, like corrupt top of corporations...


In the next issue, though, after ~ Batman defeats Anarky, that discovers miscellaneous shocking...

in spite of Batman"s protests at the end that he wasn"t thinking of Robin, that"s exactly what Alan approve WAS reasoning at the time.

He revealed in one interview through DC Leaguers (an Italian DC fan site) that:

I had originally hoped, when I wrote the first story the Anarky would certainly eventually end up together the brand-new Robin. But, unknown to me, Denny O"Neil was currently working in an enig with Marv Wolfman to produce Tim Drake.

Grant and also Breyfogle in ~ least got the possibility to present Tim Drake in his brand-new Robin costume a year or for this reason after the Anarky issue...

Grant also had some good rivalry stuff through Anarky and also Tim Drake.

So it wasn"t rather a issue of O"Neil picking Tim Drake end Anarky so much as Tim Drake had already been made decision on prior to Anarky was introduced, yet otherwise, the story as Jonathon says it is true.

Thanks because that the suggestion, Jonathon and thanks for the info, Alan Grant and DC Leaguers!

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COMIC LEGEND: Jack Kirby didn"t understand what color the point was going come be as soon as he designed him.

STATUS: I"m Tentatively Going through True


Earlier this week we lost one of the couple of remaining web links we need to the beginning of the Marvel Age, together Stan Goldberg pass away. Goldberg is ideal known because that his lengthy tenure drawing Archie for Archie Comics, however he also played a crucial role in the start of the Marvel Age, together he to be a freelance colorist because that Marvel in the early 1960s and from 1961-1965 he was in charge that Marvel"s color guides.

A pair of year back, Alex Dueben had an interesting interview through Goldberg top top the key Comic book Resources site. In it, Goldberg talked around his tenure together Marvel"s color guru...

As much as color those books, it was every left up to me, really. If girlfriend look at those first five years, from 1961 come 1965, that"s once I did all the books. Ideal after that i was simply doing distinct books, but those five years ns did virtually everything. There can have to be something Marie had actually done, but I did ninety percent of producing all the shade schemes for the heroes and also the villains. If friend look at the heroes you have the right to see an easy colors: reds and also blues and a little bit that yellow. The reds and blues were really important because that the superheroes. Friend really want them to popular music out and also those were colors the I might ensure that ns was going come get. Location them in the right spots ~ above the heroes, it worked. Jack made the easy. The very first <"Fantastic Four"> didn"t have any type of costumes however in the second book he placed this lengthy underwear ~ above them v the number 4 on the chest and I figured simply keep castle blue. I"ve never provided blue to a villain. Orange was a color that we used and also The point wasn"t a person being so I might have made that anything, but orange was the finest color to occupational with because that him. The looked like bricks or earth. I acquired word from Kirby that that settled fine.

With Spider-Man, there"s her red and blue, yet even the blue top top the at an early stage Spider-Mans was a depths blue, a blue with a many red in it. In those days that had more of a deep purple-y blue rather of simply a level blue.

The villains were green and magenta and also burnt umber and gray and also everything else the went along with deep and dark muddy colors. If they couldn"t come the end that well, it to be okay, due to the fact that they were the negative guys. The heroes always got your red, yellows, and blues. I could go on v a lot of stories around why i did this and why i did that, but never in mine wildest desires did Stan and also I imagine the we would talk about this for so plenty of years.

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Just together an aside, that factor he mentions around the deep, muddy colors not coming the end well is the reason that the Hulk was readjusted from gray to eco-friendly (as provided in among the more quickly Comic book Legends Revealed).

However, after conferring through the always helpful Tom Brevoort (when I"m unsure around something involving early Marvel, Tom is constantly awesome come bounce an idea turn off of), ns tentatively am willing to say that Goldberg most likely DID determine, at the very least, what color the point would be. As Tom notes, Kirby would not have actually had any say in what shade the monsters to be in the old Marvel monster mags, therefore it seems unlikely that he would have actually looked in ~ the colour of the Thing any differently in ~ the time. Coloring back then was in such a nascent stage that pencilers rarely pertained to themselves with it (as it often tended to be highly inconsistent earlier then. A character could be fancy one way one issue and also another method the following issue).

Tom is a little bit doubtful, though, about Spider-Man"s costume, and I often tend to agree that it seems an ext likely come me that Ditko had actually the color scheme in mind when he design Spider-Man"s costume. Indigenous what I"ve read about Ditko"s design for Spider-Man, it seems like he went a lot much more in depth than a common character architecture at the time, together Spider-Man had a longer development time 보다 most, therefore I tend to think that Goldberg didn"t originate the colors because that Spidey.

Thanks come Alex Dueben, Tom Brevoort and also the late Stan Goldberg because that the information!

COMIC LEGEND: Iron guy made a quite lewd proposition come Captain America in a 1974 issue of Captain America.