With the official move over to action v2.2.9.1 there were a pair of additions to the 2.D. Fixes section.

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Enhanced Lighting for ENB-LITE

Relighting Skyrim


I know the logic of being practically forced to use a torch within of a cave but that is not my play style. Not to point out with the intro you nearly don"t come across one come use.


Is there a means to brighten it increase a small to check out what is walk on without making use of the brightness option that simply ruins the entirety game outside?

I did plenty of installs once this was still a pre-release however these 2 were thrown in at the critical minute upon release.

I will provide it a shot tomorrow. Give thanks to you.


The brand-new patch works good for my needs. Give thanks to you for every one of your answers and solutions therefore fast.

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These two mods room basically just lighting corrections. If you don"t choose them, girlfriend don"t need to use them. ELE might be a component of the action Patch though. We really need to rethink the decision because many customers will be using various lighting mods.

These 2 mods space basically just lighting corrections. If girlfriend don"t choose them, friend don"t need to use them. ELE may be a component of the action Patch though. Us really have to rethink that decision since many customers will be using different lighting mods.

Or maybe provide another ELE spot ("STEP expanded ELE Patch" or something) the gets invited after the action Patch, since there would certainly be problems without either including ELE edits in the step Patch or having actually a different ELE job for action - that"s why Ess contained ELE in the STEP extended patch. Personally, i think it would be better to have it it is in its own patch. Yeah, it adds an extra plugin come the perform by act it the way... Ns for one would choose to have actually it separate, due to the fact that I don"t usage it.


Set the in-game brightness level come a wanted visual inside of any type of dungeon, as soon as the wanted value have actually been got to implement it right into ELE records you space using.

Use TES5EDIT to transform the Dungeon designated Imagespace Brightness worth to a value you think is decent.

I"m wondering if that is the Relighting Skyrim mod. That is the one that moves the light bulbs around. It every looks wonderful but through the bright I have actually in mine house and the sun behind me the is also dark for me also make something out. It"s just a great thing I have actually done the intro a hundred times or ns would have actually been lost.

RS handles together you light bulbs and also only consists a tiny radius the a location in light. ELE on the various other controls the ambient, directional lighting and also fog. For this reason adjusting ELE is what you desire to do, if you"re having actually doubts just deactivate ELE and also you must see what is being influenced and friend should likewise see a much brighter interior.


A an excellent demo top top both mods and also ELFX and also RLO;


Yes, you"d obtain a CTD. However, EssArrBee has already made a version with ELE removed. It"ll it is in uploaded either prior to or through the next release which will certainly be in a few weeks most likely.

If you can wait until the following update of the unofficially Patches climate I"ll have a non-ELE version for you.


Until then you can shot this: https://copy.com/ZV0gbvAUmIsW4OnT


Those are not final, but they will obtain the job done till the next update.

Hmmm. Ns think I"ll popular music in come revive this thread come share one opinion top top the ELE and Relighting Skyrim inclusion. While the does a an excellent job in making me usage Candlelight (I"m not a an extremely magic-prone player) in internal dungeon cells, the unfortunately side impact is the Hjerim (I make the efforts both vanilla and the TNF mod) is in near-pitch black color conditions. Although ns don"t particularly use Hjerim the much, that does seem awkward to find this player house majorly covering in darkness. That said I"ll stick come ELE and Relighting, till the masters of STEP uncover or think of miscellaneous better.

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Can"t account for player homes. It"ll be that author"s duty to do a patch because that the lighting mods as I have done because that my mod.

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