There room 2 means to gain from Sioux drops to Aberdeen by vehicle or plane

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The cheapest way to gain from Sioux falls to Aberdeen is to drive which expenses $19-$29 and also takes 3h 21m.

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The fastest way to gain from Sioux falls to Aberdeen is come drive. Acquisition this alternative will cost $19-$29 and also takes 3h 21m.

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The distance in between Sioux Falls and also Aberdeen is 160 miles. The roadway distance is 202.2 miles.

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Aberdeen, United claims

Aberdeen (Lakota: Ablíla) is a city in and the county seat that Brown County, south Dakota, unified States, located about 125mi northeast that Pierre. The city population was 26,091 in ~ the 2010 census, making the the third most populous city in the state after ~ Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Aberdeen is the primary city the the Aberdeen Micropolitan statistics Area, i beg your pardon includes every one of Brown and Edmunds counties and has a populace of 40,602 in 2010. Aberdeen is considered a university town, gift the home of both north State University and Presentation College. - Wikipedia