This photo taken near our residence by Peter Moore reminds me the the work-related of the an excellent Canadian artist, Emily Carr.
“Scorned as Timber, lover of the Sky” is one of my favourite oilpaintings by her. This small old lady ‘on theedge the nowhere’ as she called herself, started her life paint people, firstnations villages and also totems. She ended up expressing on canvas the greatforests and vast skies of she beloved british Columbia where she to be born in 1871.

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‘Scorned together Timber’ was painted ~ a visit to a great forest in1935. The canvas is overcame by a tallspindly pine tree. It is just one of the bad shaped trees rejected by thewoodcutter in favour the the pencil straight trunks that had long because beenturned right into telephone poles, houses, churches. This useless tree is surroundedby trees stumps, that Carr referred to as ‘screamers’. This ‘screamers’ to she were the cry of thetree’s heart before it offered that sway and dreadful groan of falling.
This lone pine sends out its branches up the end of the forest. The reachestowards the heavens with a corona the bright irradiate radiating indigenous it and fillingthe canvas like a good symbol that hope.

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In many ways this ‘scorned one’ is a portrait that Carr herself. Like thelone tree she make her method as an unconventional artist, struggling againstadverse criticism. She constantly strove for what was over with nobody to supportor encourage her. Her unfailing id in her own art intended that by the timeshe came to paint the tree v its bright one of hope, she was widelyrecognised as one of Canada’smost significant artists.
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