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This error...

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...implies the there is a huge memory consumption concern in Chrome that reason tabs come crash with SBOX_FATAL_MEMORY_EXCEEDED error.

Deep Dive

As per the post SBOX deadly MEMORY surpassed constantly and also chrome is using huge amounts of storage this issue of Chrome consuming large memory is it was observed with all of the following instances:

Google Chrome version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)Google Chrome variation 82.0.4083.0 (Official Build) (64-bit)Google Chrome version 82.0.4085.4 canary (64-bit)

mostly through in windows-10 systems as soon as ESET NOD32 Antivirus is installed.

Snapshot of Chrome high memory consumption:


Snapshot the high memory intake by Chrome:


As per the write-up Eset consumes major memory w/ Chrome v in ESET defense Forum:

Major issue with Eset NOD AV and and also Chrome: since Chrome update to 82.0.4083 (and later 82.0.4085.4 gift the latest) both top top Canary and also Dev channels, there"s a huge memory consumption worry in Chrome (>8GB) on (almost) all sites (especially gmail) that reason tabs come crash with SBOX_FATAL_MEMORY_EXCEEDED error. Remove NOD resolves the issue, reinstalling it back recreates it and also so forth. There"s no such concern in Chrome Canary and Dev 82.0.4077.0.


As per the ESET support post KB3415 that most efficient solution would be to enable pre-release updates in ESET Windows house products. Steps:

Enable pre-release to update to solve an issue with your product.Switch back to a continual update.

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tl; dr

We have debated this problem at size within the discussion ESET causing too much renderer memory usage and the concern had been eliminated from the queue.