Holley Cochran / The Prentiss Headlight—Kevin Hughes (left) is the new owner the Saulters-Moore Funeral residence in Prentiss. He is pictured with managing Funeral Director, Joe Hutchins.

Saulters-Moore Funeral Home has actually a brand-new owner.

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The funeral residence is now owned through Kevin and Jennifer Hughes.

Hughes is the former owner of the greater Jackson Mortuary in Jackson.

The Hughes have actually one son and also have make their residence in Oakvale.

Joe Hutchins is now serving as the managing Funeral Director.

Saulters Funeral house was founded in 1946 through Mr. I. V. Saulters and Mr. Toxie Aultman.

In august of 1985, the Saulters household sold the organization to Moore Funeral Service, and the name was readjusted to Saulters-Moore.

Dan Ainsworth came to be the owner indigenous 2006 till 2021.

The funeral residence is right now undergoing plenty of enhancements. “We space making renovations daily and also hope to have actually those perfect soon,” said Hughes.

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“My family and I are so happy to it is in in Jefferson Davis County and also can’t wait to fulfill those in the community. We room tickled to be here.”

“Our appointment to offering superior service and also our heritage of excellence will proceed the an excellent reputation Saulters-Moore has developed over the past 75 years.”

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