Get some north exposure in ~ your following cookout through our Alaskan salmon burgers. Wild caught and sustainably sourced, they’re affluent in omega-3s.

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All-natural wild caught Alaskan salmon burgers477 milligrams the omega-3 every servingHarvested native a certified sustainable source12 frozen burgers per packageGluten free

Traditional burgers deserve to be boring. If you are in search of a healthier alternate to the daily hamburger patty, climate Member’s note Alaskan Salmon Burgers might be a good choice. These salmon burgess patties are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, a naturally arising oil the promotes love health.

Are Member’s mark Alaskan Salmon Burgers native a Sustainable Source?

These Alaskan salmon burgers space from salmon harvested from the waters turn off the coast of Alaska. This waters room certified by the marine Stewardship the supervisory board (MSC) and the Responsible Fisheries monitoring (RFM) as a sustainable source for salmon.

What space the ingredient in the Wild Salmon Burgers?

The trident salmon burgers room 92% salmon. Additional ingredients includespices because that seasoning the patties and also forming the patties. These frozen salmon burgers space gluten-free and do no use any kind of wheat products as a binder in their product.

How to serve Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers?

Keep Member’s mark Alaskan Salmon Burgers frozen until ready to use. You carry out not have to thaw prior to cooking.

To grill, warmth grill come medium-high heat. Location patties in a solitary layer ~ above the grill and also cook roughly 5 come 6 minutes each side or until done. Come pan sauté/sear, warmth pan on medium-high heat. Location patties in a solitary layer in the pan and cook approximately 5 come 6 minute on every side or till cooked. To roasted in a conventional oven, preheat cooktop to 425°F. Kinds patties in a solitary layer top top a baking sheet. Chef in the cooktop for 18 to 20 minute or till done. For ideal results once oven preparing, turn patties over halfway through food preparation time.

All patties have to reach an interior temperature of 165°F. Member’s note does not recommend microwaving this burgers.

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What Is the Nutritional contents of Alaskan Salmon Burgers?

A solitary patty equates to one serving for salmon burgers. Each package includes 12 burgers. Each burger has 130 calories v 6 grams that fat. There room no carbohydrate in each patty, through 45 milligrams the cholesterol. These burgers have actually 420 milligrams of sodium and also offer 21 grams that protein through 4% that your day-to-day value the iron.