During the 18th century when there to be no internet, and the news was just transmitted by the messengers, the postal mechanism played a critical role in the process. Many postal services were then established, and also one of this is the birth of Correos de España.

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The agency was established on July 8, 1716, and also was appointed by the cook Superintendent and also General Administrator of the posts Offices through Philip V, Juan Tomas de Goyeneche t offer the Spanish country. From that time on, Correos de España listed a far-reaching contribution to the development of the postal company in Spain. It has undergone many alters such as the rationalization charges after P.O. Boxes and also newspaper services were established.

In the year 2016, the company celebrated that 300th existence in the industry, noting itself as among the longest-running postal solutions in the world. Currently, it gives a the majority of services to reach its goal of a gradual future.

While the agency is getting advanced, it practically has 50,000 troops helping one an additional to supply a complete service. The obtains 18 centers to procedure the shipments v automated systems. The comprises of 2,395 multiservice offices while 6,392 are committed to rural services. It has over 50,000 employees that work daily to accommodates an typical of 2,774 million shipments to serve the households.

The company offers urgent shipments, thoreau delivery, door-to-door services, and also local and also international shipments. It additionally has a strictly implementation of protection in the packages lock handle. The customers obtain a locator letter to permit them to monitor the delivery. Lock can additionally send a follow-up email to ensure the the item come at the appropriate location.

With the advancement of the technology, Correos de España provides an online device to carry out other major services such as mobile app and also convenient mode of payments. In line with this, it additionally offers financial solutions for prompt sending and also receiving of money. In 2003, it opened up its Virtual post Office to make its service much more accessible to the people.

Parcels app will help you track the status and location of your parcel ceded by Spain Post.



Spain write-up tracking statuses

Salida de la Oficina Internacional de origen
Llegada a la Oficina Internacional de destino
En proceso de entrega
Salida de envo de oficina de cambio destino
En trnsito
Envo pendiente de ser recogido en Oficina Postal
Retenido en Aduana
En trmite de importacin - Emitido aviso al Destinatario
En trmite de importacin - Enviado presupuesto trmite de importacin
Finalizada tramitacin de importacin - Envo entregado destinatario
Recibida transferencia - Realizndose tramitacin de importacin
No admitido
No entregado
En trmite de importacin - Recibida documentacin del destinatario
Finalizada tramitacin de importacin - Devuelto por no completarse la tramitacin
En proceso de devolucin
Envo pendiente de ser recogido en Oficina Postal - Oficina 4410394
Entregado al remitente
Pre-registrado. El remitente ha pre-registrado el envío en los sistemas de Correos.
En proceso de entrega. El envío ya se encuentra en la localidad de destino y será entregado en breve.

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Admitido. El envío ha sido depositado en Correos o en el país de origen del envío.