Rosa Acosta is a model and breakout star ~ above ‘Love & i know well Hop: Hollywood,’ but she’s additionally French Montana’s rumored new girlfriend. Therefore of course, fans space eager come learn much more about the stunner! Don’t understand much about her? Here’s five fun facts!

1.) Shehas a pretty impressive resume.

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Rosa Acosta, 32, is a classically trained ballet dancer, video clip vixen, model and reality star onLove & hip Hop: Hollywood.She’s been practicing dancing due to the fact that the youngage of four, so she’s very committed to she art.Rosa graduated with honors indigenous the Instituto de Cultura y Arte andwas the youngest soloist member the Ballet Nacional Dominicana. That’s just the start!

2.) Rosa is apparently dating French Montana.

The 2 sparked romantic rumors after they bothshared Instagram pics that appeared to be from the same location inKailua, Hawaiion march 4. He also posted another pic alongside a stunning an enig brunette, which absolutely resembles her, causing additional speculation. Rosa and also rapperFrench Montana, 32, are apparently dating, according to MediaTakeOut. However, this wouldn’t it is in her first celeb encounter!Rosa surprisingly made her debut on Keeping Up with The Kardashians in 2011, once she go on a day with Rob Kardashian, 29.

French Montana — see Pics of The Rapper

3.) The reality star was previously connected to she Love & hip Hop co-star.

Things got very hot and heavy in between Rosa and Nikki Mudarris, 26, on season 3 of the struggle VH1 truth show. Also though lock never evidenced their partnership status, the 2 flaunted significant PDA, and also shared numerous kisses during their date nights together.

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4.) Shecontinually broadens her brand.

Rosahas her very own fitness and also clothing line dubbed CossaMia. On peak of that, shewas namedXXL magazine’s Eye candy of the Year in 2009. She was additionally named design of the Year and Cover model of the Year by the Urban version Awards in 2010 and also 2012. Obtain it, girl!

5.) Rosa is entirely down come earth!

Even despite she’s been in the limelight end the last couple of years, “Being the bi*ch v the best body or the baddest head game, these things have never been among my goals,” she revealed during an interview withXO Necole. “I still job-related to make certain I watch good, and that I’m happy v the way I look, yet I have additionally tried to placed as much initiative on spiritually growing.”