does not occupational on the fame and also strategy expansion packHow to usage this cheat table?Install Cheat EngineDouble-click the .CT document in order to open it.Click the PC symbol in Cheat Engine in stimulate to pick the game process.Keep the list.Activate the trainer choices by check boxes or setting values from 0 come 1

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mahoukenshi What is cheating?
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Hi, This is my table for ROTK13 PUK English version only ( make this because that my an individual use but because Van tho not upgrade his editor nor any new table show up yet, ns would choose to re-superstructure this below in situation somebody want it.Mostly focus on things that in-game editor can"t do. Particularly things pertained to player stats and such that no covered already by in-game editor.May or might not work however if it did work enjoy
What"s this table cover?- worldwide value like...- change active player mid-game- collection funds- set hearsay- collection trade strength- collection supplies- collection max comrades- modify your personal troops- adjust renown in part city or every one of them- force unlock every selectable prestige- Modify various stats for original character number 1 (only).What"s this table no cover?- almost anything the PUK in-game editor deserve to do.- points not proclaimed above.*Update 1*I just figure out just how to unlock every prestige and set your call whenever you want.- adjust player prestige whenever friend want- Unlock every prestige in one goes there is no complete any kind of condition (make record table useless)*Update 2*- Re-arrange table a little- Add more to standing section*Update 3*This is most likely to be the last update for this table as Van"s editor currently updated to for PUK use his instead (search for san13editorpk_en).The only reason left to usage this table is only for some global value the still no cover in Van"s editor (renown, hearsay, max number of comrades or private troops). Enjoy!

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