From: vital found on human body of Duhaine, in Villa Maurel, as component of completing A vicious thug sidequest

Documents ~ above Duhaime's corpse comprehensive the whereabout of the Freemen leader. The man, known as Maliphant, is likely somewhere within a villa hosted by the Freemen in the Emerald Graves.

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Enter Villa Maurel

Go inside the villa and kill everyone inside.

Deal through Maliphant

He is a rogue backstabber, therefore watch out for his blink-strike attacks. He additionally has some various other Freemen archers v him. Kill him to finish the quest.


A bear to cross (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Johnson in Hill Camp, only easily accessible after progressing in the area (do not know exact cause for this quest)

A large, territorial bear has actually been rampaging v the Inquisition camp, scaring people and also destroying supplies.

Hunt under the difficulty bear

Head north-east to the significant location, come a cave. Within is the substantial bear and its cubs. Death all to complete the quest.


A deluded chevalier (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: note on table in the Veridium Mine, to the eastern of Briathos' steps Camp

Documents found in Costeau's camp mention a chevalier named Auguste that is functioning for the Freemen. He was last viewed at Argon's Lodge in the Emerald Graves.

Go come Argon's Lodge

Head to the marked location, straight west that Briathos' Stesps Camp, and also prepare to fight a lot of Freemen guards.

Deal through Chevalier Auguste

He is a 2 handed warrior with guard abilities. Death him to complete the quest. Prey his human body for lay out of chateau courtyard.


A please sister (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Documents uncovered at the end of Watcher's with refugees quest

Fairbanks' documents mention a Freemen target called Sister Costeau, who was critical stationed in ~ the veridium mine in the Emerald Graves.

Go come the Veridium Mine

Go come the marked location on the map. Part Freemen guards will be guarding the entrance to the mine.

Deal through Sister Costeau

Head into the mine and slaughter every inside. The sisters is a Defender kind enemy, and also can deflect simple magic employee attacks. She will drop Soulkisser (unique mace) upon death.


A lover's promise (reward: +80 Influence)

From: note on wall, in Lion's Pavilion, directly to the north of Briathos' procedures Camp

A man has actually asked his lover to fulfill him in Gracevine, therefore they deserve to run away together.

Go to the Gracevine grove

Head come the significant location, to the north of Gracevine Camp. Examine the campsite to finish the quest, and summon a large Spider. So that's what occurred to them.



A vicious thug (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power)

From: keep in mind on table in the Veridium Mine, to the east of Briathos' actions Camp

Documents uncovered in Costeau's camp point out a commander for the Freemen called Duhaime. The is amongst peers holding a deserted villa in the Emerald Graves.

Find the Freemen villa

Head come the significant location. There will certainly be part guards.

Deal through Commander Duhaime

The person in question is a 2 handed warrior v guard abilities. Take him the end to complete the quest. Once he is down, a quest icon will appear. Take the villa vital off his body to start A corrupt basic sidequest.


Artifact requisition in the graves (reward: +100 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Requisition officer at any type of camp

Dalish elders have requested the Inquisition's assist in recovering elven artifacts stolen by the Freemen.

Gather ancient artifacts (x3 ancient writings, x5 Dalish tomes)

Once you have this quest, Freemen opponents within the Emerald graves will drop these items ~ above death.

Chateau d'Onterre (reward: +200 Influence, +2 Power) *Need to have actually completed A deluded chevalier and looted his corpse because that the sketch of Chateau courtyard clue

From: instantly acquired once entering Chateau d'Onterre, uncovered south-east the Direstone Camp

What precisely happened in the long-abandoned Chateau d'Onterre is a little bit of a mystery. Perhaps trying out its darkest corners will unvocer some truth-or treasures.

Gain accessibility to the grand balcony

The ideas can easily be accessed by looking at the search in your pursuit log and also seeing connected codex entries.

The very first clue is a snapshot of 3 windows, water, and also a coloured bird below. The bird is the ar of the next piece the the puzzle. This deserve to be found on the soil level, in the exterior middle area, official Gardens. The bird frostbite is at the edge of the pond, and the proviso is ~ above the ground beside it.

The 2nd clue reflects an arched corridor and a coloured man with wings. This can be found up the stairway that result in the Library, in ~ the other end of the railing overlooking the stairs. That is a small statue that you can open for the third clue.

The 3rd clue is two huge statues in between a fire, with a coloured head above it. This have the right to be uncovered in one of the bedchambers ~ above the second floor, in ~ the ago of the room. The proviso is concealed behind a painting over the fireplace. Move the painting to discover the 4th clue.

The fourth clue is a coloured lion's head in prior of a dragon. This have the right to be found at the height of the other set of stairs, top top the 2nd floor the the ballroom. Uncover the lion's head ornament the the dragon is facing, and also move the to show a small cutscene. Grab the note from the dragon's tail, and also you will obtain a note and also the key.

Head come the grand balcony door and open it. When you activate the glowing cube that 'absolutely nothing will go dorn here', and you will get +10 shrewd (this to be done with a Rogue, friend may get different based upon your class). This will likewise spawn one Arcane fear in the formal Garden below. Kill it to complete the quest.


Clue 1



Clue 2


Clue 3


Clue 4



Devotion (reward: +80 Influence)

From: pile of note in Andruil's Wall, alongside Andraste's irradiate landmark, come the north-east of Hill Camp

Dolores lights a candle because that her child at the chantry every year on the anniversary of his death. She is unable to perform so this year because of the war.

Light a candle at the shrine

Head come the Lion's Pavilion, directly north the Briathos' measures Camp, close to a landmark. Walk to the lion fountain at the basic of the pavilion entry and also place the candle to finish the quest.


Holding the Emerald graves (reward: +100 Influence, and +100 Influence, +1 power per camp site)

From: The Inquisition, upon come to the area

Establish camps to hold the Emerald Graves and support Inquisition activity in the region.

Camps created (4) *One will currently be established

Quite a basic quest, if a little time consuming. Every you should do is to travel to each of the shown camp website on the map and claim them. This enables fast travel in between camp sites and will make your expedition far quicker and also easier.


Last desire (reward: +80 Influence)

From: an urn v a skull ~ above top, north-west of Briathos' procedures Camp

Robert Caron's critical wish to be to have actually his ashes scattered ~ above the plateau overlooking the Greatwood. His mam was too frail to finish the task.

Scatter Robert's ashes

Head to the marked location, it is in wary that giants and brontos and behemoths. Specifically the brontos. No seriously. Climate scatter the ashes.

Map of Elgar'nan's Bastion (reward: +80 Influence)

From: Camp Gracevine

This map, uncovered near an ancient elven ruin in Gracevine, clues a spot near a distinctive arch in the Emerald Graves.

Find the spot marked on the map

Head come the location shown and use advanced search to discover the prey cache. The is to the south-west of Din'an Hanin quick travel point

(Amulet of power Solas)

Map that Watcher's with (reward: +80 Influence)

From: role on ground at Watcher's Reach

A enormous figure v arm outstretched stand guard in ~ the spot significant on the map.

Find the spot marked on the map

Travel to the place on the screenshot below and use progressed search to find the loot.



Motherly encouragement (reward: +80 Influence)

From: human body in middle of stream, to eastern of Briathos' procedures Camp

A young woman dropped from a cliff to her fatality under mysterious circimstances.

Investigate the deadly fall

Head come the marked location to uncover a book and picnic basket close to a scenic view. Check out the diary to complete the quest, and also find the end why she died. Seriously.


Noble Deeds, Noble heart (reward: +600 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Clara at Watcher's Reach, after completing no everyone's totally free sidequest

Clara heard a rumor that Fairbanks is of noble descent. She believes it and wants proof to show the the supervisory board of Heralds. If Fairbanks benefit power, she hopes he can do more for the civilization of the Dales.

Proof the Fairbank's nobility (3)

Find the 3 pieces that prove his nobility. Locations can be uncovered on the screenshots.

Present proof of Fairbanks' the aristocracy to one interested party

Present the proof to either Fairbanks or Clara. Either selection gives the very same reward in the immediate term.


Not everyone's complimentary (reward: +80 Influence)

From: mrs in cell, in the Veridium Mine, to the east of Briathos' measures Camp

The Freemen have actually taken residents of Watcher's reach captive.

Find the Freemen cage key

Find the crucial on some barrels close to the stairway leading under from the enntrance gate of the mine. Look at the screenshot because that a far better idea of wherein it is.

Free the captives

Head back to the cell and also release the prisoners. Over there is additionally a fair amount the veridium in the cell.



Key place on map


Observing the menace (reward: +80 Influence)

From: keep in mind in tiny campsite come the southern of Gracevine Camp

Troilus Hertubise is researching Fade rifts because that what he calls his "Great Mission". He appears to have actually camped in ~ a safe street from every rift because that a time, observing its behavior.

Search because that the river camp

Head to the significant location, to the north-east that Gracevine Camp, come a small campsite to find a note on the ground.

Search for the 2nd river camp

Travel to the significant location, to the eastern of Direstone Camp, to a body under one overhang. Check out the corpse to finish the quest.



Obsidian survey in the tombs (reward: +200 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Requisition officer at any kind of camp

The university of Orlais has requested bloodstone and also obsidian samples for a geological inspection of the Emerald Graves.

Fill the requisition (x5 Obsidian, x10 Bloodstone)

Obsidian is discovered near locations containing fire (such as surrounding dragons). Bloodstone can be uncovered in rocky areas commonly in the Emerald Graves. Go to the requisition table to complete the requisition.

Pyrophite survey in the tombs (reward: +200 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Requisition officer at any camp

The college of Orlais has actually requested pyrophite and also everite samples for a geological inspection of the Emerald Graves.

Gather the inspection samples (x1 Everite, x20 Pyrophite)

Everite have the right to be found in the southern locations of Emprise du Lion, in rocky caves. Pyrophite have the right to be found in rocky areas of Emerald Graves. Hand in in ~ a requisition table at any type of camp.


Remedy requisition in the tombs (reward: +200 Influence, +1 Power)

From: Requisition officer at any type of camp

Inquisition agents operating in Val Royeaux room requesting added remedies come protect versus "accidental" poisoning through the nobility. Ingredients for these remedies grow well in the Emerald Graves.

Fill the requisition (x10 Rashvine, x5 Nugskin)

Rashvine can be discovered in Emerald Graves, and also Emprise du Lion, in and surrounding Sahrnis camp. Nugskin deserve to be discovered in locations that are heavy in lyrium, and likewise in locations with lots of greenery. Death them come obtain. Hand in at a requisition table at any kind of camp.


Rifts at the Cove (reward: +200 Influence, +2 strength per rift)

From: The Inquisition, upon come to the area

Active fade rifts have actually been spotted at good Bear Cove and Silver Falls.

Fade rifts closed (2)

North-east (of Hill Camp) rift: Easy

North-east (of Briathos' procedures Camp) rift: Easy


Rifts in ~ the Pavillion (reward: various depending upon rift difficulty)

From: Inquisition, automatically when near Villa Maurel, south-east the Briathos' measures Camp

Active fade rifts have been spotted in ~ the Lion's Pavilion, Briathos' Steps, and Stonewolf Green.

Fade rifts closeup of the door (4)

Head to the significant locations and also defeat the waves of enemies before closing the rifts. Areas are in relationship to Briathos' procedures Camp.

South-west (close) rift: medium (+600 Influence, +2 Power)

South-west (far) rift: tool (+600 Influence, +2 Power)

North-west rift: basic (+200 Influence, +2 Power)

North-west rift: basic (+200 Influence, +2 Power)


Rifts in ~ the with (reward: +600 Influence, +2 strength per rift)

From: Inquisition, automatically when near Gracevine Camp

Active fade rifts have been spotted near Stonereach.

Fade rifts closed (2)

Head to the significant locations and defeat the tide of enemies before closing the rifts. Places are in relationship to Gracevine Camp.

North (close) rift: Medium

North (far) rift: Medium


Rifts near the Sighs (reward: Various, relying on rift)

From: Inquisition, instantly when close to Direstone Camp

Active fade rifts have actually been spotted near Rush that Sighs and also at Elgar'nan's Bastion.

Fade rifts close up door (3)

Head come the marked locations and defeat the waves of enemies before closing the rifts. Places are in relation to Direstone Camp.

North-east rift: basic (+200 Influence, +2 Power)

South-east rift: simple (+200 Influence, +2 Power)

Far north-east rift: common (+600 Influence, +2 Power)

Safe maintaining (reward: +80 Influence) *Requires Mage and Warrior in party

From: Obtained automatically when you pick up a vital fragment within Villa Maurel, south east of Briathos procedures Camp

There are fragments of a runed vital scattered throughout Villa Maurel. If the fragment are reassembled, the crucial may unlock miscellaneous of value.

Key pieces (3)

Search roughly the Villa using progressed Search to discover the three key Fragments. Locations displayed in screenshots.

Find a means to reassemble the runed key

Near where the locked door is because that the an essential to it is in used, is a bashable wall that only a warrior deserve to break. Within this room is where the an essential can be put together. Location the an essential fragments on the table, and use a mage come energize the machine to rejoin the Runed Key.

Find a usage for the runed key

The locked door nearby. Maybe. And loot.

An Amulet of strength (+1 ability point - Vivienne) and an Orlesian Banner Crown (keep customisation item) deserve to be found amongst the loot.


Key item 1


Key piece 2


Key item 3


Key repair machine


The knights' tomb (reward: Various, watch below) *Note: Mage required, Rogue is no needed, yet there are a couple of locked doors inside the area.

From: completing the operation: investigate elven ruins

A team of elves space investigating a dig somewhere in the Emerald tombs that may organize secrets of good historical significance to the Dalish.

Find the tomb

Head come the significant location in ~ Din'ah Halin. This will take you to a different area. When inside, struggle your method through Venatori come the red templar behemoth. It will certainly drop an emerald seal piece. Choose it up.

Emerald seal piece (9)

All the areas of the pieces are significant on the map. Head through exploring the area till you have discovered and accumulated all ripe pieces. Some will be held be behemoths. Others will be displayed as one area search, which have the right to be found using progressed search. Over there is a supply cache in the much south-west area of the main level (level 2). There part rogue lockpick doors, as well as a couple of master lockpick doors ~ above the upper Crypt level (level 3).

Enter Elandrin's chamber

Once you have all ripe pieces, head come the door ~ above the reduced Crypt level (level 4), and also use the seals to open up it.

Locate the artifact

In this area, usage a veilfire torch to light the four braziers in a square about the really inconspicous floating blue light. Lighting each will generate a team of enemies to defeat. As soon as all four are lit, the bridge will certainly raise. Head across and take it the artifact.

Sell the backgrounds to the Chantry (+Gold)

Return the backgrounds to the Dalish (+200 Infuence, +2 Power)

Victims of battle (reward: +230 Influence, +1 Power, +Agent)

From: immediately obtained after completing A corruption general, A deluded chavalier, and A vicious thug sidequests

With every the Freemen leader dead, Fairbanks and also his world should feel a lot much safer in the Emerald Graves.

Speak come Fairbanks in Watcher's Reach

Fast travel ago to Watcher's Reach, and talk to Fairbanks to end up this quest.

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(This will also unlock the draw out the red templar sublieutenant operation)


Watcher's with refugees (reward: +80 Influence)

From: The Inquisition, upon arrival to the area

Inquisition scouts have actually been approached by Orlesian rebel named fairbanks that requests protection. Fairbanks and also his followers room being struck by a suspicious group calling us the Freemen that the Dales.