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Q: eliminate the complying with redirect chain if possible - reroutes on WP site +1 vote

On mine WordPress site I recently saw a problem! My site is loading ver, very slow! I"ve confirm it ~ above and also and also the difficulty seems to be in the redirects...These speed assessing tools says: eliminate the complying with redirect chain if possible - meaning that the trouble is in the minimize redirectsHere is the problem:Remove the following redirect chain if possible:

wordpressredirectsslowremove the following redirect chain if possibleminimize redirectssite slowaskedin Web advancement categoryby user matthew44editedby user golearnweb

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1 Answer

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Check your WordPress theme. Usually if the trouble is no within a plugin, then some core function of the template itself might cause these redirects.I used to have this problem a while ago and the equipment was:I"ve checked in the Editor in the WordPress dashboard all the .php files, and in the header.php document there was one line:

So - the core role of the WP design template (using JavaScript - .js file) because that sharing the contents (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+) was causing all this redirects. I just removed this line:

and all the reroutes went away! :-) The site is loading much, much much faster now!Hope that helps! Cheers, Alex

answeredby user golearnwebeditedby user golearnwebTHANK YOU! the REALLY WORKS! that IS THE SOLUTION!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))commentedby user matthew44

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eliminate the complying with redirect chain if feasible - redirects on WP website



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