Benson: Man, Skips is top top fire tonight. Another perfect game.Mordecai: We"re going come the championship baby!Man: You men wouldn"t it is in so an excellent if the wasn"t because that Skips.Mordecai: Well, us can"t help that he"s simply plain awesome, right Skips?Skips: Hey, that"s just exactly how I roll.Mordecai, Rigby and also Benson: Ooooooooh!Benson: there she is guys. Isn"t she a beaut?Rigby: I want that beaut.Benson: so who are we up against?Mordecai: part team dubbed the miracle Elements.Rigby: The miracle Elements. Hm, hm, much more like the miracle Loserments.Death: (offscreen) What did you say about us?(Screen goes come Death, Gary and the leader the The Guardians the Eternal Youth)Death: So, friend blokes should be the Park Strikers. If you ask me, you"re in for fairly a beatdown.Guardian: Yes, ours team has actually stood undefeated for thousands of years. No mortal stands a chance versus the miracle Elements.Gary: Shouldn"t it is in a problem, these guys are the end of their element for also being here.Rigby: No, you"re the end of your element. You and your lame equivalent uniforms. Ns bet those aren"t even...(Gary provides Rigby"s mouth walk away)Employee: Hey, what did i tell friend guys around usin magic? do You wanna be in this league, fine then no magic ingredient allright?(Gary provides Rigby"s mouth reappear)Death: No matter, magic or not, we"re tho gonna beat girlfriend chumps.Skips: Well, that"s simply your opinion, Death.Death: No, its a fact: acquire used to it!Rigby: gain used to this. We"re gonna rub those trophies in her face, right after we rub these bowling bags in your face.Mordecai, Rigby and Benson: Ooooooooh!Death: (growls)(Cuts come to Giorgio"s Tower the Pizza)Benson: who would of thought that a manatory team building task would acquire us to the championship.Mordecai: thanks to my power hook.Rigby: No way! thanks to my atom fireball!Benson: and because of my back-up ball. (laughs) Who space we kidding? our team would suck there is no this guy.Mordecai: Yeah-yuh! v Skips, we gained the Magical facets beat.Benson: to Skips, the just reason we"re gonna win.Skips: Alright guys, I"ll be back.Waiter: Ok, we gained a carnivore luxurious here.Rigby: oh yeah, yeah!Benson: Finally!(Scene goes come Skips washing his hands in the bathroom. The hears fatality laugh)Skips: I know it"s you, Death.(Death comes out of a stall)Death: Ello, Skips.Skips: What carry out you want? i gotta get ago to dinner v my friends.Death: Aw, yes. Friends. Tell me, Skips, this friends - castle idolize you yeah?Skips: Nah nah, it"s respect.Death: i wouldn"t respect the Skips i know.Skips: What are you talk about?Death: You recognize that I know that you"ve been lying come them for a long time. We wouldn"t desire our little secret to come out currently would we?(Dramatic music plays)Skips: Death, that"s not that I to be anymore. If that mystery came out, it can ruin me.Death: Yeah, ns guess that could. Sit the game out and also I won"t tell. Think the over.(Back in ~ the park house. Mordecai, Rigby and also Benson room in the living room)Benson: very first on the agenda is trophy talk. (pulls the paper away revealing a graph of what days every of the guys have the trophy) who gets the trophy top top what day. Ns think the schedule is more than fair.(Skips comes right into the living room)Benson: Oh, perfect timing.Skips: Look, I"ve obtained something come say.(Puts his bowling shirt on the table)Skips: i can"t play in the tournament.Benson: What?Mordecai: Why?Skips: I, I just can"t. Sorry.Benson: Ok. Following on the agenda, losing and how to resolve it, since we"re gonna lose.Mordecai: I"m cool with forfeiting.Rigby: No! us can"t!Benson: It"s simply a trophy.Rigby: the trophy is an ext than just a trophy. Us can"t let fatality win. Skips isn"t the team. We are. The past. That was Skip"s time. Skip"s time. Now, it"s our time! our time! Sure, this is a setback. Yet that just method we obtained to train harder! space we gonna win that trophy?Benson and also Mordecai: Yeah!Rigby: room we gonna wipe that smug look turn off of Death"s face?Benson and also Mordecai: Yeah!Benson: Ok, who room we gonna gain to replace Skips?(Scene goes to Stardust Lanes and Pops bowls the bowling ball and also knocks the end one pin)Pops: Yay! One pin, one pin!Death: Well, if it isn"t the Park Strikers. Hey, what occurred to Skips?(Pops is seen laughing and also doing the worm)Death: Oh, that"s not Skips. Just some bloke v a fat head.(He laughs and also Rigby watch worried)Death: Oh, Rigby, don"t forget about our tiny wager. An excellent day, gents.Mordecai: Rigby, what is he talk about?Rigby: Uh...(The scene transitions come a recall of what taken place last night as soon as they were dissing the miracle Elements)Mordecai, Rigby, and also Benson: Ohhhhh!!!(Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and Skips all walk the end of Stardust Bowling Alley until Rigby remembers the forgot is towel)Rigby: five man! ns forgot mine bowling towel.(Rigby goes within to retrieve his bowling towel with "RIGBONE" embroidered ~ above it. He then sees the miracle Elements)Rigby: girlfriend know, you males shouldn"t even show up tomorrow, because there is no method you deserve to win.(Guardian do the efforts to kill him, however the rest of the team host him back)Death: patience down, calm down, I obtained this.(He then deals with Rigby)Death: friend seem pretty certain of yourself, for this reason how about a wager? your team"s souls because that these souls?(Death pulls out a "Soul Ball", i m sorry is a glowing green bowling sphere filled with ghostly, white souls. Rigby is fascinated by it)Rigby: Whoaaaaa. Heart ball! I have the right to rub that in so numerous people"s faces. DEAL!(Rigby and also Death shake hand on it. The wager is currently in effect.)(The scene transitions ago to existing time. The corridor isn"t happy v what they simply heard)Mordecai: You gambling our souls for a ball?(Mordecai punches Rigby hard in the shoulder)Rigby: OW! but it had souls in it!(Mordecai punches Rigby again)Rigby: Aaaah! I"m sorry. Through Skips on ours team, we were guaranteed to win! but after the quit, ns was as well embarrassed come tell you about the bet. But hey, now you know, right?(Mordecai punches Rigby because that the 3rd time. This time, harder)Rigby: OWWWW!!!Mordecai: us gotta gain Skips back.(The step transitions to the gang pulling up right into Skip"s driveway. The corridor gets out, and Benson starts pounding ~ above the door)Benson: (panickingly) Skips! Skips!Pops: Look, it"s a note! (He points to a yellow keep in mind on the WELCOME mat in the prior of the door)Benson: (reading note) Dear, Park Strikers. Other from my past has actually come earlier to me come haunt me, and I"m inventory my life. I"m going...(The scene transitions come Skips, top top the leaf of a cliff. Meanwhile, the letter is being narrated through Skips in the background)Skips: .to wherein the road takes me now. You can not watch me for awhile. Sorry because that letting you down.(The secne then goes back to Benson, and also the remainder of the gang)Benson: your friend, Skips.Rigby: What are we walking to do now?Benson: there is just one point we deserve to do! Kiss our souls goodbye.(The scene transitions come the gang in Benson"s terminal wagon, all looking an extremely depressed)Benson: So, we"re all emotion a little abandoned. Execute you know what would help? some tunes.(Benson go to revolve the dial ~ above the radio station. Unfortunately, that is playing sad music. A depressing montage starts as lock drive with town through death-related signs around them. In the forest, Skips is presented burning old bowling memorabilia. Meanwhile, back at the Stardust Lanes, we view the Park Strikers sad, with the Magical elements right by side them on top of their van with world cheering listed below them. Ago at the forest, Skips is shown looking in ~ old bowling photos. At the Stardust Lanes, the Park Strikers walk far sad, through Muscle male eating chips, if HFG simply floats right by side him, then the Park Strikers satisfy with the wonder Elements, looking at the Park Strikers victoriously . Earlier at the forest, Skips continues looking at old bowling photos. When he watch a keep in mind from the remainder of the team thanking him for never letting lock down, his eye filled with tears.)(Back at the bowling alley the Park Strikers look sad and scared when The Magical facets prepare to win)Announcer: We"re live at the Stardust Lanes because that the last game of the tournament: Park Strikers matches Magical Elements. Tonight the Strikers space not only playing for that trophy - they"re playing for their souls. Ha ha ha! Benson of the Strikers is up.Benson: Come on, come on. Friend can obtain this.Announcer: He requirements that spare.Death: Oi, Benson! (the Magical aspects join in) Choke! Choke! Choke! Choke!(Benson hits just 5 of the remaining nine pins and sighs. Death around pushes him out of the way and bowls a strike)Announcer: Ho ho! divine cow! That"s another strike for the Magical aspects by fatality - and another doozy because that the Park Strikers, who are off to a stormy start.Benson: You"re up, Pops.Pops: Oh, time come bid my soul adieu.Rigby: Wait - look!(On the score screen a big arm appears and also rubs out the surname "POPS", composing "SKIPS" in the place).Park Strikers: Skips!(Skips bowls a perfect strike and also the Park Strikers cheer)Death: That"s it!!!(Death take away the soul Ball)Death: Time to kick the up a notch!Employee: Hey, what did ns say about using mag--!?!?(Employee is fell down into nothing by Gary"s magic. Death throws the soul Ball in ~ the Park Strikers - they evade it and also it swerves ~ above the lane before hitting an additional strike, break the pins)Death: peak that, losers.Skips: Let"s bowl.(A bowling montage complies with with the Park Strikers bowling reasonably and the Magical elements using magic top to win while the crowd cheers. The Magical elements even usage magic to protect against the Park Strikers native scoring)Announcer: and we"re down to the final frame, folks - the 2 teams room neck and also neck. The Park Strikers are simply one strike far from victory.(The Guardian, Gary, and also the magician are all set to use their spells top top the Park Strikers)Death: (to magical Elements) Wait, guys. I"ve acquired this. (Walks to Skips) mental our tiny convo, Skips? Shall ns tell "em your secret?Mordecai: Secret? What secret?Benson: What does he mean, Skips?(Long pause)Skips: mine friends" souls are much more important 보다 my secret. You wanna phone call "em my actual name isn"t Skips? go ahead.(Skips bowls straight down the lane. The miracle Elements try to ruin the roadway - and also the alley - through their spells, but Skips" sphere hits the last pin and also a strike is scored)Pops: Yay!Benson: Yeah!Rigby: Yeah!(The crowd and Park Strikers cheer)Announcer: against all odds the Strikers victory it! Yeah!(Death grunts)Rigby: and also I believe you owe me a soul ball!(Death throws the round at Rigby"s stomach)Death: take it it. I"ve acquired a billion just like it. I have the right to wait for a couple of more. Magical facets - out.(The Magical facets spontaneously combust and also the crowd rushes out to the lanes. The announcer presents the Park Strikers through the trophy)Photographer: Strikers, win a pose!(Flash cut to Benson"s car.

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Rigby is tapping the heart ball, i m sorry roars quietly once he walk so)Rigby: Cool. This thing totally rules!Mordecai: Yeah, the does!Benson: Skips, ns don"t average to pry yet why walk you readjust your surname to Skips?Skips: Eh, I just got worn down of civilization asking me why my name was Walks once I constantly skipped.Benson: so why perform you skip?Rigby: Yeah, why carry out you do that?Mordecai: Ha ha! Yeah, I"ve been wondering that.Skips: Y"know, ns think friend guys have actually heard enough secrets for one night.Benson, Mordecai, Rigby: Aww.