Region VII Area firm on Aging announces that its Pharmacy and Vaccination program recently received a 2021 Aging accomplishment Award from the national Association of Area organ on Aging (n4a), the highest honor gift by n4a come member agencies. Region VII Area firm on Aging is one of the 16 Area agencies on Aging situated throughout the state of Michigan and covers Bay, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Huron, Isabella, Midland, Saginaw, Sanilac, St Clair, and also Tuscola counties.

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The awards regime is supported by iN2L, provider of the top engagement and also social link platform because that seniors, offering a structure for activities that facilitate society interaction, cognitive and also physical exercise, education, reminiscing, locations of interest and memory assistance engagement. The Pharmacy and Vaccination program, which helped insure homebound individuals were able to obtain an influenza vaccine during the COVID-19 outbreak, was amongst 36 neighborhood aging programs to receive honors throughout the n4a yearly Conference and Tradeshow, July 19-22. 

The 2021 n4a Aging technologies and achievement Awards recognizes Area organ on Aging (AAAs) and also Title VI indigenous American Aging Programs that develop and implement cutting-edge ideologies to assistance older adults, world with disabilities and also their family members caregivers. Amongst the selection criteria was the ease v which other agencies might replicate the regimen in your communities.  

“N4a is proud to acknowledge the innovative, successful and also replicable programs and also initiatives of our members with the Aging innovations and achievement Awards. We salute the winning AAAs who have amplified the worth of this awards regimen by sharing their efforts with your peers in the Aging Network,” claimed Sandy Markwood, Chief executive Officer the n4a. “Our members work-related tirelessly, with small fanfare, in your communities, and this program enables us to shine a well-deserved spotlight top top their an essential work to assistance older adults, civilization with disabilities and caregivers,” claimed Markwood.

Region VII AAA’s innovative program an initial started in 2018 as soon as the firm hired a staff pharmacist to help launch it’s care transition program. In 2020, the pharmacist and the team in ~ the agency worked towards launching a dispensing pharmacy, and with that, a vaccination program. The vaccine regime became crucial part in ensuring homebound clients aged 60 and also older in the an ar were maybe to obtain an influenza vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic. This program helped the agency to additionally become one integral part in giving COVID-19 vaccines come the homebound in the agency.

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Region VII Area firm on Aging’s Pharmacist, Nathaniel Bergman, has shared “Without this program plenty of individuals 60 and also older in our region would not have been maybe to gain an influenza vaccine.  during the time the the COVID-19 Pandemic the prestige of receiving the influenza vaccine was significantly apparent and our agency jumped at the opportunity to meet this need that was not being met. We room proud of our staffs hard work and extra initiative put forth to certain the homebound seniors in our communities were protected.”

The 2021 n4a Aging success Awards honored classic and brand-new strategies in a variety of categories, consisting of Advocacy, company Operations, Caregiving, Elder Abuse Prevention, healthy Aging, Home and also Community-Based Services, Intergenerational Programs, Nutrition, Technology, and also Transportation and Mobility. Every winners room showcased in the n4a 2021 AIA awards book.  

The national Association that Area agencies on Aging’s major mission is to construct the volume of our members therefore they can aid older adults and also people with disabilities live through dignity and selection in their homes and also communities because that as long as possible.