Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.FileSystemPublic course Update Public sub CheckUpdate() Dim request together System.Net.HttpWebRequest = System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create("") Dim solution As System.Net.HttpWebResponse = request.GetResponse() Dim sr together System.IO.StreamReader = new System.IO.StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream()) Dim version As wire = sr.ReadToEnd() Dim currentversion as String = "0.1" If version.Contains(currentversion) then MsgBox("You have actually the recent version!") Login.Show() Me.Close() Timer1.Enabled = False rather MsgBox("You perform not have actually the latest version!") Button1.Show() Timer1.Enabled = False end If finish SubEnd Class

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I am also getting this is every other kind when utilizing the Login form, together with Login.Close(), and Login.Hide(). Ns haven"t tested any other ones.Can anyone help me fix this?Thanks,TsterT
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What more than likely is keep going is the you made a form called "Login" yet gave the a sub new, which method you have to make an instance of it prior to you contact .Show().try:

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You constantly have to make an circumstances of a form before you show it. However, beginning with VS2005, MS added a default instance. Every kind that has a default constructor has a default instance quietly created for them, and also this default instance has the same name together the class name. Therefore, it looks prefer this:Public Login As brand-new LoginAdding this default instances was done to do .NET an ext familiar to customers of VB6 that were migrating over, however it has largely sewn trouble ever before since. Don"t use them. Castle cause more problems than they space worth, together you space learning. Constantly create an instance and work v that instance.
Please don"t questioning questions like a lateral reasoning riddle, where we need to keep asking concerns until friend divulge sufficient information for us to deduce the answer. Each small detail girlfriend reveal renders this more interesting.If you desire an reliable answer, we require to recognize what the password for every entity on the table looks like. In this case, it would certainly be yes, really nice to understand what Login look at like. It at least needs to look choose this:
So why is that MustInherit? normally you only do that when you desire to derive brand-new classes indigenous this class. If that"s the case, you shouldn"t be working through Login however the types that derive from it. If over there aren"t any species that derive from it, why go you use MustInherit?Give as much details as you can; any facts girlfriend withhold might make it take longer to get an answer.
Solved the problem
I have to have asserted a technique is Login as, "MustOverride" which brought about it to be, MustInherit. Removed the two fixed the problem.Thank you every for her help. And also Sitten, I"ll take it in psychic what friend say and also put it to use next time I write-up here, many thanks for the advice.TsterT

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