Need some details on the Queen the Air and Darkness. That is she? who is in she court? wherein is she domain? What is her history? THANKS!

It"s a expression from Shakespeare, so you"re cost-free to make up the members of she court together you will. She"s often linked with the Unseelie Court together opposed come the Seelie Court (though in standard myth no is safe for a mortal). For a good read and inspiration, ns refer you come Emma Bull"s war for the Oaks.

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The an initial thing I believed of to be the 2nd book of T.H. White"s The Once and also Future King. The Wikipedia article on the D&D character claims that"s the source:
The name originates from the title of T. H. White"s Arthurian novel The Queen the Air and also Darkness, the second volume in his work The Once and Future King... In White"s novel, the queen that the location is King Arthur"s half-sister Morgause. She is one amateur witch that enchants the young king right into sleeping v her, developing the traitorous son Mordred.

I think it"s precious quoting in complete here - just because, as a 14-year-old, this win me together a particularly D&D-ish poem:"Her solid enchantments failing, she towers of fear in wreck,Her limbecks dried of poisons and also the knife at she neck,The Queen the air and darkness begins to shrill and also cry,`O young man, O mine slayer To-morrow girlfriend shall die."O Queen the air and darkness ns think "tis reality you say,And i shall dice to-morrow; but you shall die to-day."
BUMP. Thanks for the replies.
Man, currently I to be going stunner trying to find the text to the Poul Anderson poem/song the the exact same name... My google fu is weak this morning...
This is good insperation for dying words must the pcs ever control to kill my evil Fae queen, but....whats a limbeck?
What potions have I drunk of Siren tears,Distilled from limbecks foul as hell within,Applying fears to hopes, and hopes come fears,Still shedding when I witnessed myself to win!
Edit:Its not just you Eridanis, its really evocative.of course I have actually run well-liked adventures based upon "Big Black equine & a Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall, and "Mirror in the Sky" by Dixie chicken
When I experienced this, I automatically thought of the the funny Gentry books from Laura K. Hamilton. (The answer there is Merry"s aunt Andais, leader of the Unseelie Court).I discover her books to be great inspiration because that a contemporary fey setup - I simply wish the pacing wasn"t therefore glacial. Psychic you, that is thinly disguised elf porn, so some people may uncover the Wikipedia articles easier come digest.
limbeck is an abbreviation the alembic, i m sorry is an old alchemical apparatus offered for distilling stuff.
Well, you can buy it in a normal bookstore, in the fantasy section... Rather than gift an under-the-counter acquisition the components would command you come expect.

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Martha Well"s wonderful element of Fire color etc on the idea of the Queen the Air and Darkness. One of the protagonists, Kade Carrion, is herself the heir come the title and also finds the a lot more than she bargained for.Cheers,Cam
Epic thread necromancy!I"m trying come track under some lore for adventure-writing purposes. The seems like there room two execution of the Queen of wait & Darkness? One together she is described in 2e Monster Mythology / Planescape and the other as Aurilandur the Frostmaiden goddess in forgotten Realms? Is the right?Also, any type of references come the flow Afon Bhlu, the lake Cwm Glas, or the lost fey land of Ladinion in any type of books besides Monster Mythology? maybe the Feywild book or a Dragon article? numerous thanks
Legend has actually it that while before background began, dwarven miners had unearthed a ten-faceted black color gemstone that dark beauty, innocently deciding to existing it come the queen that the fey together a gift. The fey princess who would become known as the Queen the Air and also Darkness continued to be in court top top this particular day while she sister Titania was bathing in the waters that the river Afon Bhlu
, which fed the lake Cwm Glas. The gem, i beg your pardon is whispered to have been the development of the Dark God, progressively corrupted the princess, eating away her physical body and destroying her soul. Eventually she left the Seelie Court, absconding through her valuable diamond and also the great treasures the her race in a black chariot the belched smoke and also fire. Quickly after, the hill from i m sorry the diamond was uncovered exploded, ruining the primordial fey realm of Ladinion and decimating the fey people. Since then the Seelie Court has been forced to wander the planes, never ever again finding a permanent home.