How to solve " Patcher Kernel has stopped working" Error in league of Legends

League the Legends (LoL) is a mix of RTS (Real-time strategy) and also RPG (role-playing game) and also one the the most renowned Multiplayer Online fight Arena genre games. Countless users endure a " Patcher Kernel has actually stopped working" as soon as launching the game, and this post will help you solve that.

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The " Patcher Kernel has actually stopped working" error that stays clear of launching the game. This error deserve to be an extremely frustrating, particularly knowing just how addictive this video game is.

The error occurs as soon as a particular program stops working correctly, and also Windows close the door the game without permitting the player come bypass it. The error is typically a an outcome of the client not having enough permission because that the regimen to run.

Fortunately, there are ways to resolve this problem without needing come reinstall the game. This guide offers several possible solutions that will hopefully permit you to continue playing league of Legends.

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Table the Contents:

Download computer Malware repair Tool
It is encourage to run a cost-free scan v Combo Cleaner - a device to detect malware and fix computer errors. Friend will must purchase the complete version to eliminate infections and also eliminate computer errors. Cost-free trial available. Combo Cleaner is owned and operated by Rcs Lt, the parent agency of review more.

Run organization of Legends as Administrator

An administrator account permits users to change the configuration of various other accounts. Administrators can change various defense settings, install software, accessibility all files on the system, etc.

One that the easiest means to fix the " Patcher Kernel has actually stopped working" problem is to run LoL as administrator. However, you must an initial be logged in to an administrator account.

Assuming that you are using an administrative account, right-click the organization of Legends shortcut on the desktop (or the original executable record you are using to launch the file) and select the "Run together administrator" choice from the contextual menu. Watch if this fixes the problem and also if friend are currently able come launch league of Legends successfully.


If you to be able come launch the video game by running it as administrator and wish to open the record as administrator every time you launch it, just right-click it and select Properties.

Go come the "Compatibility" tab and also find the "Run this regime as one administrator" checkbox. Tick it and click "Apply" to save the changes.

The video game will now be started with governmental privileges each time friend launch it.


End organization of Legends Process

Ending the LoL procedure using task Manager can fix the " Patcher Kernel has stopped working" problem. The job Manager helps close programs and stop procedures from running (when exiting generally does not work).

To open it, press the Ctrl + shift + Esc secrets on her keyboard, or right-click the Start and also select "Task Manager" from the contextual menu.


In task Manager, friend will watch a perform of services and also programs the are at this time running. Find any process related to organization of Legends and right-click it, and also then pick "End task" from the contextual menu. If there room several league of Legends procedures running, use these procedures to every of them.

Now operation LoL as administrator and see if this fixes the " Patcher Kernel has actually stopped working" problem.


Remove game Patch Files

If running league of Legends as administrator or ending the league of Legends procedures did not solve the " Patcher Kernel has stopped working" problem, us recommend that you remove some of the game patch documents of LoL. These can have been corrupted or room configured incorrectly.

Removing them might aid since the LoL video game will immediately download lacking files and replace them.

First, discover the RADS folder, which need to be in the neighborhood Disk (C:) under Riot gamings folder (under league of Legends Folder), and open it.


Now go to projects > lol_air_client > releases > and select the latest folder. Discover "releasemanifest" and also "S_OK" files and delete them.


Now open the "deploy" folder, find and also delete "properties", "META-INF", "logs" and also "LoLClient.exe" files. Restart the computer and also launch the game as an administrator to watch if this fixes the " Patcher Kernel has stopped working" problem.

We expect this overview was helpful and you were able to solve the " Patcher Kernel has stopped working" difficulty that prevented friend from launching the game.

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If you recognize of other solutions come this difficulty not discussed in our guide, please share them through us by leave a comment below.