Welcome to the Putnam Academy of Arts and Sciences website. A tuition-free, public charter school, we educate roughly 200 center school (6th–8th grade) college student who room enthusiastic about learning. One visit to our campus and you’ll see that learning have the right to be a most fun.

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Thank you because that taking the time to visit our website. We room happy to provide you through information around our school and also the great programs and also services us offer.


We have an awesome possibility for ours students come visit Washington, D.C.! The trip is march 13 with March 16, 2022. As a component of this expedition students will get the following:

Round-trip transportationTwo overnight stays (Three v extension) in hotels with private bathroomsBreakfast daily (except arrival day)Dinner daily (except leave day)Full-time services of a experienced tour directorGuided visit tours and also city walks as per itineraryVisits to pick attractions together per itineraryOvernight protection chaperoneTour Diary™Note: Tour expense does not include airline‐imposed baggage fees or fees for any type of required passport or visa. Optional excursions, optional pre‐paid tour director, and multi‐day bus driver tipping, among other individual and group customizations will certainly be provided as separate line items in the full trip expense if included.

Tour investment

Students (travelers under the period of 23): $1,067Adults (age 23 and also over): $1,247

Pricereflects save of $75 scholarship. Authorize up through June 9, 2021, and enter code Travel2022 in order to take advantage of this limited‐time offer!

For more information, including the in-depth itinerary and also payment arrangement information, please check out the 2022 pilgrimage to Washington D.C. Flyer. Friend may also email Mr. Harris.

A blog post from our Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome come our website! We room proud to present this communication vehicle where you can keep up-to-date and informed of every our impressive programs and also activities.

We acknowledge the prestige of including parents in the education process. Research shows that as soon as parents are proactively involved in school, their youngsters are absent less often, behave better, and, therefore, achieve more. You re welcome visit our office, and also find out how you can get affiliated in our PTSO. Welcome!


Curtis Ellis

Curtis Ellis, Principal

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It’s details Wednesday and also our news is warm off the press! remain up to date; watch our newsletter for this week’s essential announcements and events.

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DC Trip

For questions regarding the DC trip, please check out Mr. Harris.

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Calendar Update

There will certainly be no tutoring or robotics next week.

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Winter Break

Winter rest is on Monday, December 20 v Friday, December 31.

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Breakfast is easily accessible in the cafeteria prior to school at about 7:15 a.m. 

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