""State the the Union (STFU)" speaks reality to power while urging people to fight versus racism, injustice and also oppression with their vote"

Public adversary - Credit: Eitan Miskevich

Public opponent have went back with one explosive new protest song, ‘State the the Union (STFU).’ You have the right to listen to it below.

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Produced by DJ Premier, the emotive monitor sees Public enemy take “a fiery go back to the frontlines together they take it on Donald Trump and also his fascist regime,” according to a new press release.

It continues: “An unflinching statement around the devastation the current administration has unleashed top top the country and also its people, ‘State the the Union (STFU)’ speaks fact to power while urging human being to fight against racism, injustice and also oppression with their vote.”


You can listen come the brand-new track below, and also download that for cost-free from PublicEnemy.com.

Speaking about the track, chuck D said: “Our collective voices keep gaining louder. The rest of the world is on our side.

“But the not sufficient to talk around change. You have actually to present up and also demand change. Persons gotta vote favor their lives rely on it, ‘cause it does.”

Flavor Flav added: “Public enemy tells it prefer it is. The time for him come GO.”

You deserve to see the text for the new song here:


Public opponent have mutual the lyrics to their brand-new song – Credit: Press

Earlier this month (June 3), chuck D spoke out about the ongoing protests in the US complying with the fatality of George Floyd.

Floyd, 46, passed away in Minneapolis whilst in police custody. Floyd, that was african American, was killed when a white police officer showed up to kneel ~ above his neck together he place on the ground during an arrest. Mass protests across the US and also all over the world have complied with in the wake up of Floyd’s death.

Speaking come HipHopDX, chuck D said: “My statements room politically incorrect. It will certainly not behove anybody for me to say this things. They’re yes, really incendiary and they’re no helpful. It’s no conducive. When you nothing feel an excellent about saying what you really feel you should say, you shouldn’t say anything in ~ all. Older civilization know that.”

He continued: “If you don’t really feeling it’s conducive come say specific things, you simply stay fucking quiet until you find the best words for it. And also right now, there space no words for this shit. I obtained no voice at this moment, since every solitary emotion young world have is justified ideal now. That emotion.”

Artists who have actually released protest song in current weeks incorporate Elvis Costello, The Killers, H.E.R., and also Trey Songz whilst others, consisting of Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z, have actually shared protest playlists.

A huge number of names from across the civilizations of music and entertaimusic-from-a.comnt have publicly called for justice for Floyd complying with his death, including Killer Mike,Beyonce, ice Cube, Janelle Monae, billy Eilish, Jay-Z, Adele and Travis Scott.

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Meanwhile, lining D newly revealed that Flavor Flav’s current “sacking” native Public foe was in fact an intricate hoax to help promote a brand-new album indigenous his adversary Radio project.

“We takin’ April Fools,” lining said. “We takin’ the over. The April Flav chuck Day.”