Many users have actually reported this C2-12828-1 Error when they try installing or running latest hack that PS Vita 3.6, i beg your pardon is that Henkaku. Few of them endure the same specifically when they boot for the very first time. Rebooting the console has actually solved the concern for castle but almost everyone had not to be so lucky.

As every Sony, worry raises because that Error c2-12828-1 when video game hangs increase while running. This occurs because of improper applications processing. If the very same occurs after restoring the system, conserved data corrupts immediately. Some of the significant fixes include restarting the system, reformatting the PS, deleting application’s cache or conserved data, or reformatting the memory card. If error still continues, one should call the consumer service of SONY

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1 Causes and also Fixes2 other Potential Solutions 

Causes and Fixes

Error can be early out to any type of reason but if the is through any kind of software corruption, we can solve the same. The error can be caused as result of several reasons. Let united state briefly talk about one by one consisting of the feasible solutions as well for having much better idea and also understanding

RinCheat Plugin – A very an easy cause the the error is RinCheat plugin. Basically, it is supplied by countless uses to apply basic cheats to the game. The main functions of the exact same include:

Real-time cheats through cheats database support.Real-time storage scanner through (partial) heap scanner and main thread stack scanner.Decrypted save data exporter/importer with multiple save slots.Improved screenshot function (no compression) in any kind of game and any situation.FTP Server throughout gaming phase.Possibility to adjust console clockage with CPU, GPU, BUS, GPU Crossbar support.Possibility to disable Auto Suspend feature while in game.Possibility come stream PSVITA display to pc while gaming.

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So, as we discussed, this plugin supplies cheats functionality, therefore, occasionally this plugin reasons this C2-12828-1 error letting game to hang. Rebooting the console even also not works.


Solution because that the same has disabling the very same where users can enjoy seamless game-playing.

Corrupted Database – second cause for Error C2-1282801 is a corrupted database. This happens when any of the executable or a system paper gets corrupted as result of some technical mistake. This may likewise be caused if any record is missing or part malfunctioned plugin is installed. 


Possible solution includes rebuilding that the database. This is a fix mainly applied. Nobody for sure can’t explain the technicalities, but most that the users simply know from personal experience that it works. Basically, walk to the safe menu (either organize down power switch until display screen goes dark, or “R” button + PS switch + Power switch for 5 seconds while the vita is off) and select the “Rebuild database option”. 

WARNING! if you have actually a HENkaku enabled Vita, this will delete all plugins!

Memory Card – Sometimes, there stay some files, extensions, images, documents, or personal stuff, which corrupts the storage card leading to Error C2-12828-1. The card is left with no choice in that instance except formatting the same. Storage card, if accessed with USB, creates more problems and also issues in this regard. 


This is the ultimatum, the worst case scenario. This is what friend do specifically when fix 1 doesn’t work. It will certainly erase the entire memory card (photos , save data, etc.) by definition, the exact same will perfectly resolve the issue, basically by nuking it the end of existence. Just this needs to be done as soon as fix one is failed. The is recommended to develop a backup of the memory card on your computer 

Please note: Only copying all video game data over will certainly work and then the formatting. This is the only way you at the very least have all of your data saved and ready come be moved slowly earlier to your system.

Other Potential Solutions 

Many users have actually been running into error C2-12828-1 and here’s what some people recommend (don’t do every one of those, try each one after the other and also see what works for you:


Delete your cookies in the PS Vita Browser, then shot again (thanks FallenLeader)Try to turn off the Vita, wait for a couple of minutes, then revolve it on again and visit the HENkaku site again.Try to start the PS Vita in Safe mode (turn the Vita off, climate press “R” button + PS button + Power button for 5 seconds while the vita is off) and use the rebuild database optionFormat the memory cardReset your Wifi settings


 Steps to fixing: 

Delete every games and apps girlfriend no longer needSync trophies / save-data with PSN server and do a full backup of her Vita using Content Manager Assistant. Usually hook increase the Vita through a pc running contents Manager Assistant and also copy over everything.Remove any game map from the system.Turn Vita turn off completely -> turn Vita on in SAFE MODE -> using Power button, PS button + R trigger to start it up.At SAFE MODE screen choose option (3) to Format memory CardAfterwards revolve Vita ~ above in SAFE MODE again, and select option (4) to Restore PS Vita SystemOnce again, get your Vita back to SAFE MODE and choose option (2) to Rebuild DatabaseTurn her Vita on regularly and it need to look new again. Icons everywhere. Don’t bother with transforming any setups as the back-up has it all; despite you will need to re-arrange icons. At this point, walk into Settings -> Format -> Format storage Card (one critical time).Then get ago to Settings and attach the Vita to her usual internet connection and also sign in to her PSN so that it is authenticated.Open contents Manager applications on the Vita and Restore from Backup – connect to whereby your back-up is stored.After every is done, the symbols are shufffled so gain them re-arranged, make certain your time is set right using the internet

Note: For some gamings the data was reportedly so corrupted so it can not be restored. This occurred for round about 5 out 30 games. Ns re-downloaded these games and downloaded save-data native PSN. After all the was done, i was may be to use my playstations Vita together expected. The whole procedure specifically re-downloading part larger gamings was cumbersome however in the end I seem to have actually a stable system now.


To fix this error in most video game dumps, users have exclusively found a functioning (tested) exploit. This include:Using molecular Shell, just disable the Amphetamin.suprx in “ux0:/plugins/game.txt” by setup the value from “1” to “0”.You will notice that C2-12828-1 problem may take place in most situations due come an amphetamin plugin incompatibility (Many of them have tested v version 3.3 much better amphetamin) and also most check that it appears a pest in this plugin to do the video game crash top top boot.

Note: Be careful that some gamings may require the suitable sce_module settle too in addition to this make use of (plugins disabled). Or a rebuild too. Obtain a try, maybe you will have to re-download the dump from another resource too! an alert that some gamings are dumped yet not tested, and also they can be uploaded/dumped through errors.

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NOTICE: according to the experts, the complying with steps room recommended for a correct installation the the dump come void the C2 error;

Download a dump. TNW stands for Tested and also Working;Ensure if it will (or won’t) require the ideal sce_module deal with too and merge it v Filezilla. Just google because that them;Transfer the entirety .VPKs by making use of the cable (mp4 rename method in the video folder) and not the Filezilla ftp;Disable the amphetamin.suprx in ux0:/plugins by setting it to 0 worth in game.txt. Just to it is in sure, i disabled the rinCheat.suprx too. You can try to disable all plugins if friend won’t see any kind of result;Some gamings (like heart Sacrifice USA and also Ninja Gaiden 2 + EU) comes v “corrupted” steroid.suprx in the ux0:/app/GAMEID/sce_module, therefore you have to delete it also after you have actually installed the game;After the installation, rebuilt the database in restore mode and reboot the ps vita.At this point, if the video game still won’t work, at 90% you have to re-download that again however from one more source.


Some of the feasible fixes us have currently mentioned in the same and also there deserve to be more. It constantly depends ~ above the nature the error and the setting in i beg your pardon it has actually taken place. It would be best to deal with the problem with proper and full details so that any of the experts can aid you in much better ways.

The ones we have presented are basic fixes and hopefully, many of them will solve your problems with this error.Last however not the least, if the same doesn’t occupational for friend in anyway, you have to consult the an equipment manufacturer the the agency itself because maybe, eror brought about int hat situation is as result of hardware if not software