Focus and set reticle using the diopter ring in ~ the behind of the eyepiece. Looking in ~ a irradiate background, the reticle should show up sharp and crisp. If that does not, readjust by using the ring. If you are farsighted, rotate the ring clockwise a few turns, if nearsighted, revolve it counter clockwise. Look at the scope with rapid glances and change until it is clear. Feather too lengthy at the reticle allows for the eye to focus in top top the reticle, rapid glances permit for fast focus without her eye compensating for lack of focus of the reticle.

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Depending on kind of ammunition, barrel length and weather conditions the point of influence will vary. This graph is based upon a 100 yard zero.


• beginning on the left, situate your barrel length.

• change zero relying on your elevation over sea level and dial in +/- in inches in ~ 100 yards.


How to dial in using most typical loads depending on your fps in ~ the said range.



Our enhanced Chevron/Horseshoe reticle permits for very fast and precise shots there is no target obstruction caused by typical crosshair reticles.



The bullet drop compensation is associated with Auto Range. Simply range and engage. This feature increases efficiency by to reduce time on target. No should run data and turn turrets. Wrong range estimation is the number one factor shots space missed!







A revolutionary function ranging and also leading movers/moving targets! The ideal Range, Lead, B.D.C. Has actually been pre-calculated! fit head to the ideal circle to variety and command accordingly.



Mils room seamlessly incorporated. Data have the right to be ran and dialed in for precision shots.


How come Mil or variety estimate utilizing the Mils on your reticle.

Step 1.

Enter the size of the target in inches. For example, if your target is 10″ then use the number 10.

Step 2.

Multiply by 27.778

Step 3.

Take the number and also divide it by how plenty of mils covering the target size. For instance 10 x 27.778 divide by 1 = target range 277 yards. Consists 1 mil for this example.

Additional Auto selection for Hunting

How to usage ACSS HUD because that predator and small game hunting.

Average coyote is 18″ from hip come shoulder and also 10″ from ago to belly. Just fit your target in the ideal circle or cross hair in order come range. Very same ranging deserve to be used on other targets that room of equal dimensions.


Additional Auto variety for Hunting

Ranging for deer hunting.

Average deer stand 36″ indigenous ground to back, 18″ directly on, and about 10″ at the head.



• Magnification: 4-14X44

• first focal plane

• Partial Illumination in red

• Matte black finish

• exit Pupil: 11.2 mm to 3.3 mm

• Eye Relief: 80 mm come 82 mm

• field of View: 27.2 come 7.85 feet at 100 yards

• Click Value: 0.1 Mil

• 6 brightness settings

• supplies one CR2032 battery (included)

• Multicoated to stop glare

• Shockproof rating: 1000g, 20 times

• Waterproof: 11 °C, 0.25 m, 3 min/ 52 °F, 10”, 3 min

• Nitrogen purged

• key material: Aluminum

• pipe size: 30mm

• Length: 330 mm / 13 in.

• Weight: 690 g / 24 oz.

• 3 year warranty

Have fun and, over all, it is in safe and be certain to follow the 4 rules the “Gun Safety”:

• All firearms are always loaded.

• Never point the muzzle in ~ anything the you space not ready to destroy.

• keep your finger off the create until your sights are on the target.

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• Be certain of her target and also what is beyond it.

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