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Yes ladies and gentleman, episode 116 of the sun and moon anime titled lille and the mechanical princess just dropped and we get more backstory about mohn past and lille also gets a z-ring this episode. How did it go? Well, let"s find out.

It begins with ash letting his pokemon know that their food is ready which leads to them rushing towards their food and spinning ash out. However, it seems rowlet and meltan aren’t there to eat their food so ash goes to wake them up by letting them know their food is ready. Rowlet gets up and is ready to go eat when ash grabs him in mid air. Ash asks it where meltan is and rowlet responds by turning its head to the general direction of meltan. It looks like it is in the kitchen ready to eat a pan. But before it can do so, rowlet swoops it up. Ash tells it it shouldn’t do that and that they have food for it, drops it by its bowl which has nuts and bolts for it to eat, which it starts eating excitedly.

Kukui then comes up behind ash and exposits how happy everyone looks when ash tells him that meltan just went for the pan. This freaks out kukui since burnet will be upset however, ash reveals that the pan is safe. Ash then asks where burnet is and kukui responds, she is at the aether paradise with lusamine because lusamine had a request for her.

We then cut to the aether paradise where gladion and lillie are looking through all of fabas papers in the basement section below. They are looking there because he told them that he has the papers from their fathers experiment. He brought it down to his lab while lusamine wanted to seal it off due to the shock of seeing her husband taken away. However, before he can finish that sentence, Both gladion and lillie insist that he is alive.

As he is grabbing for a tissue, He then grabs an old photograph that shows him, lusamine, mohn and wicke when they were all younger. He tells them that he was a good leader and lead their research team. We then cut to lusamine whos also looking at a picture of them married and get a flashback on the incident that took away mohn. It looked like it also involved nihilego and was very similar to what happened to lusamine.

Burnet and wicke come in the room. They tell lusamine that they"ve sent out an investigative party to try and find mohn but no results yet. But they encourage her by telling her that the search has just started. They ask her if she’s found mohns research paper and she says that faba is helping her look for them along with the kids and we see a flashback of when gladeon told his mother that his father / her husband is probably still alive and that he knows because of what hapu said about tapu fini"s mist and the fact that they didn’t meet him there.

Lusamine says that she realizes she was wrong because she didn’t realize how much the kids missed their father so she never told them anything about him. So, She comes down to the basement and says she will take them somewhere while burnet and wicke will continue to search for the research paper. They fly to melemele island where lillie currently lives and james and the other assistants are there to greet them. They walk up to a bookshelf that is a secret passage to a basement and go inside. Lusamine says that this was mohns room and in a great bit of continuity, the incomplete flashback that gladeon had had before about his father becomes clear to him thanks to being in the room where it occurred. Lusamine says how he was a passionate person and researcher. She then says she entrusts them with the room until he returns.

They walk up to his desk where lilie opens a drawer and finds a z ring. James explains to them that hala gave it to him when he came to alola for his research. He was also apparently a gifted pokemon trainer. Man, what was guy NOT? They ask about his pokemon and she says it is no longer here. I assume this means she released it? James says she was in shock at the time so I assume this has to be it. And later, we find out from hala that It, is a zoroark. So i’m making this prediction now. Gladeon is going to end up with that zoroark. He has one in ultra sun ultra moon and with the story here in the anime, he is probably going to get one here as well.

She is very regretful about the whole situation when her kids tell her not to blame herself. Its a very nice scene. She hugs them in return which lillie still doesn’t want to.

Gladeon gives lille the z-ring and says she should wear until they find their father and that she should ask hala about it. Lillie is excited about this and even tells snowy that she might be getting a z-ring who approves.

Just then however, lillie notices the cabinet in the room, walks up to it and opens it up and finds inside, an inactive mythical pokemon.




James tells her that its a pokemon called magearna and that is an artificial pokemon created a long time ago. He met it on one of his travels. Lusamine then asks lille what prompted her to open that cabinet and lille says she isn’t too sure to which lusamine tells her that Magearna was created to look after the princess of a castle which is why get got it because their own princess was just born. How ….. Freaking….. Adorable….. He tried to get it to work but he never could so he gave up on it.

The next day lille is showing her friends her fathers z-ring. Kukui tells the rest of the class that she is about to go see hala about the ring and she tells them that is because she doesn’t know if she is qualified, but she wants to use the ring, at least until they find her dad. They all decide to go with her.

We then go to halas house where hala is talking about how mohn won the z-ring and in yet another flashback, we see a young hala. My goodness. He is rocking that 80’s look. Just look at him.


He is battling mohn who has a zoroark. Although we don’t get to see the battle unfortunately. Hala describes him as a calm yet passionate battler which causes kukui to say he wants to battle him. Okay, so according to everyone in this episode, Mohn was a Perfect father, a Perfect Husband, Perfect leader, and a perfect battler. Are we sure they are talking about mohn and not jesus? Heck, they even say that if he is back, they will host a feast for him. Watch out mohn, one of your disciples might betray you!

Lillie is nervous to ask at first, but her friends all encourage her. Okay this scene foreal, she is asking him if she can use the z-ring, not marry him. Why is she so nervous and why does she need so much affirmation from her friends? lol. I don’t know, I just found this scene to be both funny and strange. Anyways, she asks hala if she can use his z-ring to be stronger and help find her father and learn how to use the icium z. He decides that he wants to see her use the z-move right now so they outside.

She is ready to do the z-move and she does the entire dance to do her z-move. I actually really like her speech while doing it. but when she tries to attack, the z-power scatters and she isn’t able to perform the sub-zero slammer z-move. Although her friends still encourage her and tell her that she can train and get stronger. Sophocles also mentions how he wants to use Z moves too after seeing Lillie doing it. What did I say in the last episode review? He is going to get a z-ring soon.

And snowy thinks is her fault and lille has to comfort it and oh, my heart. This episode is great.

Hala then says she almost had it he was able to see her z-power so he gives her special permission to use that z-ring temporary until she can fully able to use the Z move. He tells her to visit him again when that time comes when she has mastered her z-move.

Later on at night, she goes back to where magearna is and she tells it that she was able to get the z-ring and that she is going to work hard to be stronger as well as become friends with it.

Its eyes light up and vulpix notices it. It prods around and she finds a book. It"s basically mohns research and diary on magearna which also includes a sketch of her as a baby being held by magearna which she gets emotional about. Lusamine and Gladion walk in and they congratulate her on getting the z-ring and wish her well in her training. Lusamine then notices the book and she asks lilie what is is. So apparently even she doesn’t know about it. Lillie then asks Lusamine if she can take care of Magearna, that she wants to try to get it to work. Even gladeon tells her she has become strong.

Later on in her room, she is reading the book and in it contains the story of how mohn came across magearna. He basically reiterates the story about how he bought magearna because of the princess story and how that reminded him of lille. Mohn planning to give Magearna to Lillie as a present. And while reading this, lille falls asleep with a smile on her face and that"s the end of the episode.

The after credit scene is lillie talking to her vulpix about her z-move speech while james is happy but is internally saying, the speech isn’t the problem.

I thought last episode had a lot of exposition. Boy was I mistaken. That being said, it"s not a bad thing either. Although I joked about him being jesus in the story, I really did like the way they told his story here. Like little puzzle pieces being put together. The first half was about his disappearance and how it happened. The second part was about him outside of the aether foundation. The story of him as a trainer. And the third part was about the story of him as a father. They gave him a lot of personality with these segments.

This episode was also focused on lille and her reactions to things. That is understandable. She is part of the main cast. However, it does feel weird that gladeon, who spearheaded this whole thing about finding their father in poni island, got pushed to the background. Then again, this is only the first episode so i’m sure there is more to come. I like that lillie can’t use her z-move quite yet. It"s a bit more realistic that way since she isn’t really an experienced trainer. Even though lana was able to hit her z-move in her first go, she was actively training for it so it"s understandable that she was able to do it.

That being said, I know a lot of people are going to be upset that yet another mythical/legendary is being introduced and probably given to a character and to be honest, I can see why. They’ve brought in three mythical pokemon for this arc. And the two that have been in the show so far haven’t really done much. But, this one seems to be getting a story focus so maybe it will get more love and actually do things once it comes to life.

I am also willing to see where this goes because our heros seem to be gathering a lot of strong pokemon and I am wondering what it is going to culminate with. A spoiler for episode 120 so skip forward a bit if you don’t want to hear about this yet but episode 120, it seems Lana is going to come across a kyogre. Now, this could be just a fictional story that she is telling her friends like she usually likes to do, or it could be an actual kyogre. We don’t even know if she is going to capture it or its just a one off episode to wrap up her stories about her always saying shes met kyogre but that not being true We won’t know until it airs. However, the fact that so many members of our cast are meeting legendary pokemon, makes me think something major is about to happen in the future. So thats why, I am willing to see where this goes.

Overall though, I love this episode. A lot of backstory and exposition, but it was done really well and didn’t feel too talky. Even though there was hardly any action, this episode felt important and that"s what"s most important.

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The next episode preview shows our heros visiting Malie City. During this visit, Shaymin, vulpix and Meltan end up getting lost while chasing after mallows hair ornament. Looks like it"s going to be more pokemon focused on the three pokemon and probably also to mallie city culture. It doesn’t look like too many important things will happen plot wise, however, it looks like a fun episode regardless so I am still excited.

That"s it for my pokemon sun and moon episode 116 review. Thank you so much for reading. If you like this post, like share and subscribe to my channel above. I would really appreciate it. You can follow me on twitter