Leave a blog post After the ton is a short-form podcast influenced by the intimate nature of voicemails and also the everyday moods castle capture. Listeners speak to in to leave voicemails, sharing your thoughts about everything native friendship break-ups to memorable subway moments. Us then stitch together messages to do a collective story.

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For our season finale, listeners referred to as in and also dished all their thoughts ~ above sauce. Because that instance, what specifically makes a sauce different than a dip? Where carry out condiments fall on the sauce continuum? Is over there a more Midwestern export than ranch-dipped pizza? Music this month comes from Podington Bear and Migos. Production help came from our intern Lauren Ober.

FEB 7, 2017 episode 5: The an enig Life that the American family members

Episode 5: The secret Life of the American Family

As lot as the feels like family members dynamics never change (fighting with your not-liberal-enough dad around politics, bonding v your sister end day-long binges the "Family Feud"), our family relationships can be fluid, and non-linear. Listeners dubbed in and also shared their story -- big or small, steady or sudden -- around when their expertise of a family member changed.

OCT 26, 2016 illustration 4: If You"re analysis This It"s also Late go to Bed

Episode 4: If You"re analysis This It"s too Late go to Bed

Drake has offered us many things: Jimmy native Degrassi, that all too validating dad-dance native "Hotline Bling," and also a renewed appreciation because that "The 6" (even if no one in Toronto actually calls it that ). However for all that he's given us,
champagnepapi hasn't displayed us any kind of glimpse into his sleep routine. Listeners referred to as in v their best guesses of how Aubrey Drake Graham gets ready for bed.Music because that this illustration is from Sammy Bayefsky.

AUG 18, 2016 illustration 3: i Don"t desire To clock Dawson"s Creek Without she

Episode 3: ns Don"t want To clock Dawson"s Creek without Her

There's a darker side of #squadgoals that us don't constantly hear about: friendship break-ups. We don't suppose friendships to inevitably end; and also when castle do, there's no roadway map — at least, not choose there is for couples who call it quits. Because that our third episode, we collected stories of friend break-ups: why lock happened, just how they go down, and also what listener did — small or no — to deal.Special many thanks to our pals brand-new Casino for giving the music for this episode: https://soundcloud.com/newcasino

Donald J. Trump: a male so famed for his mouth and what comes the end of it, it's tough not come wonder just what goes in. We understand the man abstains native coffee and also alcohol, but The Donald needs to eat. Listener rang in to tell us around Trump's late-night snacking habits, his dinner party banter, his love the unadorned hot dogs, and also whether or not he's fear of hummus.

For our first episode, we gathered voicemails of passing yet memorable moments on publicly transportation. Listeners referred to as in and shared their story from planes and trains (but not automobiles) — indigenous a mrs sitting best on top of a tray of cupcakes, to quick glances that leave you wonder "What if...?" together you move from the together to the 4.

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Come ago PLEASE

This to be an amazing yet shortlived podcast. This girls were yes, really onto something. Ns think they should give it another go.

Where space you?

The finest 4-8 minutes of your life. Genius idea!! you re welcome do an ext please please please!

WOW! refresh & simple to Listen

This is a actual refreshing take on what's happening NOW. Fun topics, and a wide spectrum the humanity. I love how short they are too? leaves me wanting more!