Where"s the smith the you require to lug it to? i tried the one in mine stronghold and in both the Adventurer"s Hall and Crucible Keep. 

Weird, I have actually them all and talked come the armorer in the Keep and also had no option. Maybe due to the fact that I sided with the Dozens?

Could be. Ns accidentally sided through the Dozens too. But I managed to finish the one Keep search that unlocks the smith as a vendor before that. Maybe it"s precious reporting as a bug.

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Is there just one smith in the people that have the right to reforge it ? What if the blacksmith is no longer available for me ??


I sided with the dozens too but did at least one quest for the knights prior to they didn"t desire me help them anymore. I had no difficulty getting the blacksmith to reforge it. That wasn"t even a skill check iirc. 

- How deserve to I live mine life if i can"t also tell an excellent from evil?

- Eh, they"re both well choices. Whatever floats her boat. 

Note the the quest will update to clearly tell girlfriend "The tongue is ready to be reforged now" when you have actually all the pieces -- if it hasn"t, you don"t have actually all 4 pieces.


The message of the journal entry is puzzled -- the "header" (for lack of a far better turn) claims "I"ve discovered a section of an old blade", climate an entry is included for each piece of the blade that you find. Thus, when you have actually three pieces, it will certainly look prefer you have all 4 from the search log (the header, plus 3 updates) yet you really space still missing one. This puzzled me for fairly some time...

Is it always an Estoc though? i would like multiple alternatives to forge it into a weapon the your preference either by Dunstan or there can be multiple smiths scattered across the world and also each of them would certainly make a different type of sword.

Yes, it is always an Estoc. As much as ns know, the Crucible Knights blacksmith is the only one the can create a blade (if that is dead or inaccessible, climate you room out that luck).

Where do I discover the fourth part? I"ve acquired the blade, hilt and the red gem. Answer together a covert spoiler pls.

Where execute I uncover the 4th part? I"ve obtained the blade, hilt and also the red gem. Answer together a covert spoiler pls.

The blade was snapped into two pieces. The pommel is the last piece you uncover if you find them in order. So this should offer you an idea wherein to go.

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