Sorry for the radio silence but I just wanted to let everyone recognize that I've talked to Pescado and we've started uploading content to PaysitesMustBeDestroyed.

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Obviously I've been busy with actual life projects but I to be still working on fandom related tasks such as sim Archive Project, DHM, etc in the background. The being stated I do need some aid from you.
If anyone has content from the TS1/TS2 exchange *please* allow me know. Additionally, if everyone has any kind of pay contents for TS1 please let me know.
You might not post any type of of my custom Content and/or images behind a Post+ entry. That also includes any type of Sim or Lot produced with mine files.
My content has actually been 100% totally free these critical 15 years and also it will proceed that way for as long as i am active (and even if I ever before disappear for some reason, you have actually my permission to distribution it to complimentary sites as well).
I’m working on a few buildings that usage Patreon exclusives the were never made public -despite EA’s policy on Patreon content- and if ns decide to share those builds, i will attach to the PMBD web page I got them from. I’m no sorry.
The GREED and also THIRST through this patreon mess is truly out OF CONTROL. Now you have world wanting to market LOTS jammed packed with other creators’ - complimentary CREATORS’ - content. Climate they have actually the NERVE to gain their panties in a bunch when the ramifications of your actions are pointed out.
When totally free creators decision to avoid sharing content because they, RIGHTFULLY, don’t want world profiting from occupational that they therefore graciously share, it will kill this community.
Just as the disrespectful methods of certain Sims 3 converters caused tons the talented initial Sims 2 creators to give up the community, this also will have a similar effect.
As tacky, unethical and also ILLEGAL as it is, marketing your own meshes do from scratch is one point (although particular bottom feeders aren’t also selling their very own work), yet when people start feeling lock “deserve compensation “ for lots filled with other people’s shit it is a whole new level the foul. To think I provided to feeling funny sharing furnished lots full of various other people’s cc because that free. We’ve i graduated to civilization feeling entitled to sharing other people’s cc for profit. SMH
Tumblr media
i don’t believe for one 2nd that anyone marketing lots/rooms is getting permission native EVERY creator (including initial creators of converted content) for EVERY item of cc crammed into their builds. Issa huge fat lie.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I understand I’ve been a little quiet(e) lately, yet that’s mainly due to the fact that work’s been picking up and I’ve come residence plenty worn down with zero desire to write, yet in this case, the actions ns going to talk about within space worth creating about, so put on her seat belt.  So it every started when Plasticsimz post on their instagram story: 
Tumblr media
What Plasticsimz is showing right here is a screenshot indigenous Sims 4 Shelter, which is a pirate group on Telegram. I don’t frequently recommend this group to others since they nothing have any kind of morals v sharing early access content, and also because native the rumblings i’ve heard, the moderation team gives next to no shits about anything and doesn’t actually moderate. Plasticsimz is a paywall creator, and also is whining on she instagram around how people are stealing she stuff. Even though pirates have actually been stealing she stuff because Down v Patreon, and Paysites must be Destroyed...but oh well. She likewise continued to make threats: 
Tumblr media
Which is funny, considering they’re not attacking any other groups (of which over there are quite a couple of scattered around) because that sharing content. Just that one. Yet oh well. However the real “fun” article from her came in this form: 
She readily available $100 U.S EACH for the name of the world in the Sims 4 shelter chat the were sharing she content, usually asking her pendant to try to “doxx” the pirates and offering to pay for it. 
Now, an initial of all that in the people has over 200 dollars just LYING approximately to be able to pay because that someone else to DOXX others? oh wait, she does, since she’s to be paywalling the sims community for so long that she has actually that money to litter around. “But it no doxxing if it’s simply for her very own use and she no share it v others?” Yeah. Because we to trust someone who’s the mad come act rationally and also not share those names with anyone else? also though there’s lot of of recorded proof that paywall creators are friends v each other, and often will certainly share the surname of “suspected” pirates through each other, leading to civilization getting banned/removed in masse from Patreon. There’s a saying “Two deserve to keep a secret if among them is dead.” meaning that keys told in confidence hardly ever stay an enig for long. Due to the fact that Plasticsimz is clear mad sufficient that if someone told her the “names” of this suspected pirates, she’d surely call her various other paywall creator friends. Then every it takes is among those civilization letting it on slide somewhere, one of two people on social media, or elsewhere, and also that person’s surname is blasted everywhere. Regardless if that human being ACTUALLY is a pirate or not. 
Then just a small while later THIS “apology” is posted. Ns not sure what (or who) motivated this supposed change of heart. But honestly, it come off less as a actual apology and much more as a “oh ns pity you males for the fact that you poor. It doesn’t matter that ns was flaunting exactly how much i have and am making from the ar to try to hunt y’all down. The all okay now! In reality if you just tell me who you are, ok send girlfriend money!” Uh. No. You really think civilization who are supplied to threats of doxxing, who room constantly being mocked and also vilified by paywall creators, who recognize that your patreon accounts might be blocked at any kind of time, room going to be asking YOU because that money, ~ you simply put a $100 price on their head? Really? All this post completed was to display how plasticsimz is SO out of touch through the struggles and reality that plenty of simmers (and even frankly, numerous non-simmers) live with, all since she has actually the deluxe of spending money in this way. Money that, by the way, she’s more than likely gained by placing her content behind a PAYWALL. 
I’ve to be to third world countries. I’ve met people who live in dirt huts, or room squatting in residences that don’t belong come them and have to walk mile to school. I have seen youngsters with hair lacking due to malnourishment, playing through toys do from trash. I’ve likewise seen poor in America, teaching kids in rural areas who room living in dwellings falling apart approximately them, wearing the very same hoodies to institution OVER and OVER due to the fact that that’s the nicest thing they own. Having to constantly take it home “backpacks” over long weekends complete of food due to the fact that the college knows that there’s nothing in the pantry because that those youngsters to eat if they don’t get a backpack. I’ve watched poverty very first hand, and also lemme tell girlfriend something. Those “poor” people, the you’re turning your nose up at, and downright mocking v your fake “charity”, Plasticsimz, space the nicest, most wonderful, many JOYFUL human being you will ever have the satisfied of meeting. And they don’t require your fake pity. They have it difficult enough. Here’s the deal. Most of us who beat the sims are lucky to no be the poor. Or if castle ARE, they at least are blessed to have a computer and a sims game to have the ability to escape that fact for a bit. (It constantly makes me so foolish when people say stuff like “if you deserve to afford the sims 4 you can afford cc” like, the fuck? the goes top top sale for 5 bucks all the time.)Offering “financial compensation” come a select few people that you deem “needy” is a slap in the face. If you REALLY want to do a difference, take her freaking 100 dollars every person and also donate that to part charities, and also stop putting your contents behind a paywall. Since paywalls ruin and also poison this community, causing division, classism, and a feeling of “have” and “have-nots”. And also although lot’s of civilization (myself included) have actually talked about how paywalls hurt EA’s TOU, the fact is, the real victims space the world here in the sims community. Due to the fact that lately, many human being in the ar have had actually a front heat seat come seeing civilization like you, v their paywalls and their puffed increase egos from their “exclusives” act the rest of us like shit. If you’re really sorry, just say “I fucked up, ns sorry. I didn’t realize there to be multiple motivations because that piracy. Ns going to think about how my paywall affect simmers and also make decisions worrying that.” and also LEAVE IT in ~ THAT. Don’t market your fake sympathy, and also don’t make statements that show up generous yet are in reality backwards condescending insults. -----Now because that the positive part of the post, if any type of of you room feeling generous and also want to do a distinction in the stays of the important impoverished world I simply mentioned, here’s some charities that deserve to make a difference. I additionally recommend talk to local churches/religious institutions in her area around what work they are doing in your neighborhood area/overseas to aid people in need, together churches/religious organizations have actually some of the finest resources because that helping those in poverty: - find multiple projects approximately the world to donate to. - son sponsorship approximately the world, lots of little donations/projects the can adjust lives of impoverished families. - assist child hunger in the USA. - aid teachers fund projects for your classrooms in the USA and also make a difference in the resides of students. - Support access to clean water in third world countries. 
If any kind of other simmers have suggestions on great charities come support, feel cost-free to reblog with your suggestions. :) 

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