Why action 2 here deserve to be as confusing as act 2 D2 once some players try to with Jerhyn yet can't acquire pass the guards at the entrance. Many players go to river crossings before proceeding to chamber of Sins. Seeing just how the recommended level for flow crossing is the exact same as old field. Often new players will start on the bandit search by interacting with Alira. After death Alira they continue to kill Kraityn. However they establish they cannot reach Oak because that the reward, as soon as they look in ~ the map to realize between river crossing and where they need to go because that Oak over there is one indication the tells lock to finish root the the problem. Now here is the actual "Root of the problem" the quest description is in vain. There is for sure no indication native the npcs the tells you how to complete root the the problem, friend can click on every single dialog keywords and also it'll no tell girlfriend one thing.In conclusion, you have a really confused newbie in flow crossings running approximately or probably again hope he finds someone, or other that will certainly drop the would resolve the "root of the problem"

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When ns played through the game the very first time, I also went west first, towards the western Forest, due to the fact that I had seen Piety nearby the pass from Prisoners's Gate and also was curious about the various other side. Once I uncovered the tree roots and also couldn't obtain past, I kind of just shelved the quest and also continued ~ above my way with the other quests. Ns was a bit confused when Silk didn't take his spear back, however people in global chat provided me some non-spoiler clues that I might need that later, so ns just hosted on come it, there is no making the connection in between the spear and also the tree. Eventually, i got roughly to act the pursuits in the east side of plot 2, and also got the Baleful Gem from room of Sins. By the point, I had actually actually semi-forgotten about the tree, however when Loratta and also the Vaal ruins was brought up, ns was choose "Oh, the tree! and Silk's spear! everything fits together!" I've constantly liked these type of moment in fiction, and I'm glad GGG draft the plot of the an initial half action 2 to lead up to that point. Anyway, ns guess the moral of the story is: Non-linear plots room fun! Let's not copy all the other gamings with your railroaded plots.Edit: Also, you re welcome don't spoiler newbies as soon as they ask about the roots, just tell them come do other quests an initial and figure it out for themselves.