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Pastor john K. Jenkins Sr. Serves together our an elderly pastor. He has been attributed with shaping the stays of countless for the glory of God.

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Pastor john K. Jenkins Sr. Has actually traveled throughout the human being preaching and also teaching the masses about the love of Jesus Christ. Leading first Baptist due to the fact that 1989, minister Jenkins stays steadfast in his search to “develop dynamic disciples.” he is recognized as a catalyst to aid individuals flourish into lifelong Christian disciples who follow Jesus Christ. Minister Jenkins believes the these individuals will affect the world on behalf of the Lord, thereby strengthening families and healing broken hearts along the way.



Pastor man K. Jenkins Sr. Has actually been preaching the an excellent News because he was licensed together a minister in 1973 at 15 years old. From very early age, he emerged a love because that the Lord and felt a contact to re-publishing the gospel that Jesus Christ.

His pastoral journey began in February 1987 when he was referred to as to offer as the an elderly pastor at Union Bethel Church in King George, Va. Nearly three year of pastoring in ~ Union Bethel confirmed to be the training ground for his upcoming assignment. In October that 1988, minister Jenkins learned the the passing of his pastor and mentor, Dr. John W. Johnson, from his residence church at the very first Baptist Church of Glenarden International.

One year after Dr. Johnson"s passing, pastor Jenkins reverted to an initial Baptist to end up being the saturday shepherd. The fruit that his biblically-based to teach is evidenced in the development of church member from 500 to more than 10,000. Today, an mean 11,000 civilization attend weekly Sunday services between two campuses located in Landover and Upper Marlboro, Md.

With the assistance of his wife, Trina, and also their loving family, minister Jenkins is maybe to broaden his ministry beyond the wall surfaces of first Baptist. In addition to his role as senior pastor, he is the plank chairman for the national Association the Evangelicals, project Bridges and also The Skinner Institute. The Skinner academy was established in 1992 through the so late Reverend Tom and Dr. Barbara Skinner. He likewise serves as a plank member for Denver Seminary, the better Prince George"s organization Roundtable and University the Maryland Capital an ar Health. 

For two years, pastor Jenkins served as vice president/executive director of nationwide Ministries v Converge Worldwide. That was formerly on the plank of great Dads, Teen difficulty and a neighborhood bank.



Under the leadership of minister Jenkins, first Baptist established SHABACH! Ministries, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 eight of the church in 1996. Today he serves as chairman emeritus because that SMI, which provides clothing, food, education and other resources in the Washington, D.C., area.

He has traveled throughout the world preaching and also teaching about the love that Jesus Christ. And after pastoring at very first Baptist because 1989, he continues to be steadfast in his quest to “develop dynamic disciples.”

He is recognized as a catalyst to aid individuals thrive into lifelong Christian disciples that follow Jesus Christ. Pastor Jenkins believes that these people will influence the civilization on instead of of the Lord, in order to strengthening families and also healing broken hearts follow me the way.

In 2001, minister Jenkins included another credential to his resume as soon as he received an honorary doctorate of divinity from southerly California school of set in Inglewood, Calif. After coming to be a license is granted pilot in 2002, he takes an excellent delight in flying.

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Even v his countless obligations, pastor Jenkins stop his function as family members man as the greatest treasure. He and his wife room the proud parents of 6 children and six grandchildren.