It"s one of the longest-running hoax in all of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi once declared that "only imperial Stormtroopers room so precise", but it"s been presented time and also time again that the Empire"s foot soldiers can"t hit even the most stationary targets.

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It"s so bad that TV Tropes even has an entry referred to as Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy whereby they list all the devastating shots across fiction.

But just how accurate space the above troops?

We"ve played with the campaign mode of the, uhhh, divisive Star Wars: Battlefront II and one level sees you defend a previous Imperial statistician dubbed Rasius Paldora who drops this tiny nugget:


"Do you recognize Stormtroopers just land 77 percent that blaster shots?" Well, we do now.

There are many cool small moments because that Star wars fans spread throughout Battlefront II"s (as yet incomplete) story.

We"ve currently written about how Luke Skywalker"s level might tie in to The force Awakens, and a later moment shows us exactly how Kylo Ren"s mind-reading works (it"s not pleasant) when he discovers Lor mountain Tekka has the map, almost directly setting up the start of the film.

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There are lots of tiny shout-outs to The Clone wars and Rebels, and one level collection on Naboo i m sorry tells us a ahead Queen had a city-wide EMP installed in instance of attack. If claimed Queen is Amidala (following the droid invasion of The Phantom Menace) then that renders her even more of a badass.

Also, Han Solo grows a beard. It"s awful.


Star Wars: Battlefront II is easily accessible to to buy now.

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