Since 1972, clients have trusted united state to command the clinical trials required prior to a drug goes come market. Last year us paid over 4.7 Million in US and 5.7 Million in Canada come participants of our research study studies.

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by submitting this kind you room consenting to provide Novum permission to call you through phone, email or text message. Message and also data rates might apply.


All You need to Know.

Here are the answers to the most typical questions around our research study studies. If girlfriend need much more information, call the ar nearest you.

Novum is a Contract Research company (CRO) that provides research solutions to the global pharmaceutical industry. For nearly 50 years, Novum has actually been thought about one the the world’s leader in the command of clinical trials. Novum has completed over 3,000 studies for much more than 300 medicine companies.

We conduct 3 main species of studies: Outpatient, Topical/Skin and PK-Bioequivalence. these studies deserve to be as brief as two days or might last as lengthy as three to six weeks. Some might require overnight stays and blood draws and also others will certainly not.

Outpatient Studies

These species of studies commonly test transdermal (e.g. Patch) products that are used directly to the skin. Transdermal assets may reason skin wake up (e.g. Redness, swelling, itching or burning). The patch chin may also cause skin irritation. Skin irritation researches are used to check the level of irritation brought about by this products and also are normally performed on one outpatient basis. Entrants in outpatient studies perform not continue to be overnight with Novum. These studies usually last in between three to six weeks, and participants come to Novum on prescheduled visit days and also times for examine assessments. Each booked visit usually lasts around one hour and usually go not need blood collections.

Topical/Skin Studies

These species of studies test subject (applied come the skin surface) corticosteroids (e.g. Hydrocortisone). Corticosteroid products cause blanching (whitening) the the microvasculature (very little blood vessels) that the skin. This blanching response is assumed to be concerned the amount of medicine entering the skin. Entrants in these studies will have test drug assets (e.g., lotions, ointments, cream or tapes) used to your forearms for particular amounts of time and then the assets will it is in removed. The blanching responses will certainly be measured utilizing a maker called a chromameter (color measurement) at regular intervals throughout the study. Participants will certainly usually continue to be at Novum one overnight throughout these studies, and they execute not typically require any blood collections.

PK-Bioequivalence Studies

We test newly developed medications also as new formulations and generic equivalents the medications already on the market. These have the right to either it is in prescription or over-the-counter medications and also could include tablets, capsules, nasal sprays, patches, skin creams, etc.

After you’ve inquired by call or with the website about being a study participant, you will be added to ours participant database. A Novum recruiter will then contact you and also ask girlfriend a few personal and also general health questions. If you satisfy the criteria for one of our clinical studies, we will schedule her visit to the clinic because that a screening appointment.

If friend qualify for a clinical research after screening, we will call you come let friend know. Remember, her participation in any kind of clinical research study study is voluntary and you are complimentary to withdraw at any type of time.

If you room participating in a examine with overnight continues to be (inpatient study), you have to be accessible to stay in the clinic because that the entire duration of the study. These studies vary in length. We have medical employee on website to ensure your safety and also comfort throughout your entire stay. All meals, accommodations, entertainment and recreation infrastructure are noted to you in ~ the clinic. If you space participating in a study that will require you to quick (not eat) because that a short period of time during your stay, you will be informed when setup a screening appointment and also reviewed again during the notified consent procedure in screening. You must remain in the clinic because that the duration of the study and also return because that all scheduled appointments to complete the study and receive your last payment for participation.

If you room participating in a examine without overnight continues to be (outpatient study), you will have actually scheduled return appointments based upon the research needs. You must fulfill all booked return appointments to finish the study and receive your final payment for participation.

The screening visit will encompass meeting with a clinical staff member who will explain to you the details about the clinical research study study and also any recognized side effects connected with the medicine being tested. After girlfriend have had actually time to check out through the study info and every one of your questions have been answered, we will certainly ask you to sign the informed Consent kind for the study.

A physical exam will certainly be carried out at no cost to you to make certain you satisfy the examine requirements. We will be checking:Height, weight, temperature and blood pressure
Heart trace (electrocardiogram – EKG)

Blood and also urine analysis, including a drug screen and pregnancy test; various other tests may be excellent if required for the study.

All the details you carry out during her screening visit will be retained strictly confidential. If any of the screening results need follow-up indigenous a health care provider, a Novum staff member will speak to you. If you decide to have added evaluations and/or treatment, these will be at your own expense.

carry out I have to Have The specific Condition that The drug Is used To treat In bespeak To get involved In A Study?

No, in many of our researches we are testing for absorb of the drug and we require healthy participants.

Yes, ours participants space compensated based ~ above the length and complexity the the study. If the study requires several access time you may be offered a development payment in ~ the finish of every visit. The bulk of the money will be payment at the end of the study.

Most of our researches involve one overnight stay. Some stays require only one night with us. Frequently, researches involve a variety of overnight continues to be that extend over two or much more visits. For example, you would certainly arrive on a Friday evening and would leaving on a Sunday morning because that a complete of two weekends.

Yes. Novum will provide all meals to you the we gain catered in native various local restaurants. This contains breakfast, lunch, dinner and also an night snack.

You will have lots of time come do countless different activities. Clinics have an assortment of items because that you to enjoy, including televisions, plank games, video game players and also computers. you can catch up on your reading, do homework or just play cards. Feel free to lug your personal tablet, laptop orsmartphone to enjoy our high-speed Wi-Fi.

If you desire to finish the study, as soon as you are checked into a examine you cannot leave to walk to occupational or execute other outside activities. Friend can, that course, leave at any type of time however you will just be compensated for the time of the examine you complete.

Many of our studies room for non-tobacco users only. However, if tobacco usage is enabled it will be limited to simply a couple of special times every day and also only in designated areas.

While many studies execute require small blood samples to it is in taken, we likewise regularly have actually studies wherein no blood samples room required. Studies that require blood sampling may vary by location.

You have the right to either contact us straight at among the toll totally free numbers listed on the Clinics/Studies page or simply Register Now on this website and one of ours recruiters will call you.

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