I offered to know a man who absolutely loved hollandaise sauce. He would buy the spiciest brand he might find and would placed it top top just around everything. Fine it turned the end that since he supplied the spicy sauce therefore much, it began to wear under a feet on the roof the his mouth. He checked out a doctor and also asked what he can do around it. The medical professional looks in ~ the damage and also determines that the guy will require a steel plate placed at the roof of his mouth. The guy is relieved however can't aid asking the doctor if he will still have the ability to enjoy his hollandaise sauce. The medical professional reassures the male that his new plate will be make of chrome. The man was curious, so he inquiry if chrome to be the finest choice. The medical professional responded through "Oh don't worry, there's no plate prefer chrome for the hollandaise."

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Oh man! ns love this joke, but I know various variation ~ above it:

It's Christmas Eve, and Joe (a travel salesman) has actually been recorded in a damaging snowstorm on his method home indigenous a convention. He's numerous miles from home yet the snow won't let up, so v a sigh he pulls into the nearest parking lot-- a diner. As he's sit in his car, thinking sadly around missing his kids' Christmas morning excitement, the decides he might as well go in and also get something come eat when the storm is still raging.

The location is empty so that picks out a booth and also sits down. The waitress is middle-aged and also made-up with festive red lipstick and also a flashing Rudolph pin and she's over there in no time: "What deserve to I acquire for ya, hon?" Joe checks his watch-- already past midnight. "Well, i guess it's Christmas morning," he claims sadly, "I'll have actually Eggs Benedict. It's what mine mom constantly used to make."

Seeing together he's the only customer, he's not surprised once his food comes out just a few minutes later. However, the can't figure out why his waitress is delivering it the end on a giant hubcap. As she sets it down, smiling, he clears his throat. "Um, I'm sorry," the says, "but why room you offer my egg on a hubcap?"

The waitress pats his shoulder comfortingly and says, "Oh, girlfriend know.... There's no plate prefer chrome for the hollandaise."

(It must be said that the jokes through a large set-up and an underwhelming pun-chline room my favorites...) :D