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No Lo Sé Rick, Parece Falso or I Don’t understand Rick, look at Fake come Me describes a catchphrase and also reaction image macro special Chumlee and Rick Harrison indigenous the reality present Pawn Stars, supplied to refer doubt or disbelief about claims, occasions or headlines that seem suspiciously or seem too good to it is in true.


On January 21st, 2013, episode 19 “Funny Money” the the 7th season that Pawn Stars to be aired.<1> In among its scenes, Chumlee and also Rick take it a look in ~ a scissor katar brought in through a customer, and also Chumlee beginning playing v the artifact when joking about how Edward Scissorhands supplies it come prune bushes (shown below). Contrary to famous belief, the phrase was never said by any character transparent the series, and thus the meme led to a Mandela Effect amongst many Hispanic pan of the series.

On December 16th, 2016, the Facebook page Plantillas para tus momos<2> post a blank template the the meme, but the earliest easily accessible example that its use was reuploaded to Dopl3r<3> top top December 19th, v the caption “When the prettiest girl of the class asks you the end :v” and the watermark
AahcSelccth (shown below).


On December 20th, 2016 the template started spreading to other Spanish-speaking sites, such as Facebook,<4> Taringa!<5> and also Memedroid<6> (examples displayed below, indigenous left to right).


On December 24th, 2016, Colombian influencer Nicolás Arrieta<7> posted to facebook a screenshot of one of his tweets in which he provides the reaction image with the subtitle "When they say funny Christmas come me and also I have to say funny Christmas back" (shown below, left). The article gathered over 24,000 reactions and also was shared over 3,800 times in 4 years.

On February 21st, 2018, the Facebook web page Memes de Ciencias Sociales<8> posted the image accompanied by a picture of a fake parent note excusing a student for skipping class due to being sick (shown below, right). The image obtained over 5,900 reactions and 1,400 comments, and was common over 19,000 times as of December 2020.



The phrase "No lo sé, Rick" additionally became widely renowned without the picture in Spanish-speaking countries, showing up in captions or titles of assorted posts, clips and memes ever because December 2016. External social media, the phrase even made that into many headlines and articles from spain news sites and also online magazines, such together Rock&Pop,<9> El País,<10> UltimaHora<11> and El Mundo.

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The English variation of the phrase an initial appeared there is no the theme on February 28th, 2017, according a Ballmemes post.<13> However, the didn"t see lot traction until some years later. On respectable 18th, 2019, Imgur user therefreezingupinbuffalostuckintheircars<14> post a Bottlecap challenge video through the title "I don"t know Rick… that looks fake" (shown below, left). Similarly, on March, 13th, 2020, a parody video of stack Harrison and a client bargaining because that toilet file (shown below, right) to be posted come 9GAG. <15>