NCIS: brand-new Orleans Season 2 illustration 10 Review: Billy and the Kid

Props are absolutely due to Lucas black color for showing us two very different execution of LaSalle. The one we know and also love had actually ten years to evolve from the self-centered donkey"s backside. Maybe it was Pride"s food preparation that helped!

Pride: NCIS certified dealer Pride. Yet folks about this ar call me King.LaSalle: So ns hear. Problem is, only kings I prize to are God Almighty and also Elvis.

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Contrast billie Ford"s reaction come LaSalle in 2005 versus her summary of that in 2015, the he"s one of the an excellent ones. Once the team visited the home to discover Tagget, LaSalle to be the one who put himself directly in the line of fire, in the best danger. 

The many obvious transition in this character took ar when Billie went into labor during the flashback, and he didn"t hesitate to leap into action to assist her and Pride, even if every he could do was to organize her hand.

That activity may have actually been part of the factor Pride brought him right into NCIS, as soon as only moments previously LaSalle was established to leave new Orleans for good.

I appreciate when we acquire to check out such profound character development as us did here. Among the best moments in the episode remained in the makeshift morgue, when LaSalle met Loretta because that the very first time and he was fully perplexed by she cheerful demeanor.

How deserve to I be friendly in hell? What else am ns gonna do, Detective?


The consequences of Hurricane Katrina to be horrific. Even looking at pictures of the devastation was, and also still is, difficult. Black, C.C.H. Pounder, and Scott Bakula all offered it in the scene.

I uncovered the situation itself a bit hard to monitor at times, make the efforts to store all the players and course of occasions straight, though ns think I acquired it in the end. And also that showdown in ~ the house, v LaSalle placing himself in harm"s way to safeguard the tiny girl was fraught with tension, even though we all knew how it would end.

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Overall, this was certainly LaSalle"s day in the spotlight. We even got to find out that his father is (or was, through 2015) very influential and also able to acquire his son a hand-delivered letter in the middle of a disaster zone. It put me a little bit in mind of an additional CBS father, Morland Holmes native Elementary, though I acquired a lot much less ominous feeling from LaSalle, Sr.!

A few assorted odds and ends prior to I revolve the conversation over to you:

During your initial meeting in the flashback, Pride discussed having an initial met LaSalle when LaSalle was dressed up as a red adversary and completely blitzed in ~ Mardi Gras a pair years earlier. LaSalle has already been watched to take it his partying seriously.There was an oblique referral to Pride"s father and also their (haha) partnership issues.Scott Bakula obtained to present off his piano skills in the scene at the bar at the end of the episode. I wonder if one day he"ll obtain to show of his singing voice, too.In the very same scene, the other who assisted out Pride v the Thanksgiving meal was Louisiana aboriginal Donald Link, chef and restauranteur; he own several various restaurants, including Herbsaint, Cochon, and Pêche Seafood Grill.Semper Gumby: constantly Flexible.Anyone else an alert how past-LaSalle looked a complete wreck, unshaven and also unkempt, compared to past-Pride that was operating under pretty much the precise same conditions?

So, what did girlfriend think the "Billy and also the Kid"? to be you disappointed proud didn"t whip up a Thanksgiving feast through Ramen noodles? to be you surprised that past-LaSalle was such an unlikeable person? allow us know in the comments ar below!

One last item: I"d favor to great you and your households a an extremely happy and safe Thanksgiving. Cheers!

While girlfriend all gain your vacation feast and good company, you can watch NCIS: brand-new Orleans virtual to catch up on or relive previous episodes. The show returns through NCIS: brand-new Orleans Season 2 episode 11, "Blue Christmas," ~ above December 15, 2015 at 9/8c top top CBS.