Nacho Libre: 15 best Quotes In Nacho Libre Jack black color plays a monastic orphanage"s chef who wrestles together a luchador in ~ night. Full of hilarious lines, we can"t no laugh at it!

among Jack Black"s most iconic duties is Jared Hess" sophomore directorial effort, Nacho Libre. The story adheres to a cook in a monastery orphanage that cooks by day and wrestles together a masked luchador through night. The film may not have had actually a huge box office total, however it remains beloved by fans.

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There space so many hilarious lines scattered throughout the film. If black color is your type of comedian, it"s difficult to record your breath from laughing throughout this movie. Below are several of our favorite quotes.

Updated September 1st, 2020 by George Chrysosomou: Nacho Libre continues to be a cult classic, and also with so numerous amazing and hilarious quotes to enjoy, that made sense to revisit this list and also feature a couple of more brilliant moments. Join us as we inspect out some more of the film"s many hilarious lines. 

Nacho usually has actually a pretty hard time hiding his twin life. Not only does he have actually the kids to watch the end for, however he likewise has to keep his true self from his love interest and colleague, sisters Encarnacion.

It"s fair to say that Nacho"s excuses regarding why he"s constantly running turn off aren"t constantly the best. He tries to suggest he"s helping out his religion due to the fact that he was, allegedly, spreading the great word come a destitute fellow.

Nacho is always trying to admire the great sister, and when she captures him in his expensive-looking "recreational clothes," that tries to repeat her the no matter exactly how impressive he is, the is still just a man.

It"s a strange line and also he clearly doesn"t know where he"s going v it. Together he tries to break self down further he manages to acquire to the nucleus, which evidently doesn"t make lot sense to Sister Encarnacion.

Nacho tries to be a guy of the people, however very couple of within the monastery actually prefer him. Maybe it"s since of his quirks or his bad cooking, but no one locally really gets together with him.

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Of course, eventually, he transforms the public around thanks come his alter-ego. The eagle inspired wrestler tries his ideal to perform right by human being though, also offering up taxation on the money he fan in a hilarious moment.

12 "I Am to sing At This Party."

Nacho loves come sing but he doesn"t carry out so well once he"s put on the spot. When he"s in the middle of a party celebrating the legend that is Ramses, he"s thrown into a case where he needs to sing a song.

With a puzzled band behind him, Nacho starts singing about... Well, singing at the party. The doesn"t go down well through his guest that honor who throws a drink directly in his face.

Jokes about things come the challenge come up often in the film. Whether it"s a drink to the confront or a beat to the face, Nacho has quite the obsession with personal space.

When in the center of an upset moment, his friend Esqueleto uses him some corn top top a stick. In a minute of frustration Nacho yells at him, swatting far the corn and also creating one iconic scene to be memed for quite some time after.

10 "I Don"t want To get Paid come Lose! i Wanna Win!"

Nacho provides his every to becoming a luchador but struggles for many of the movie to come to be truly great. In ~ first, it is sufficient for the to present up to wrestling matches and also have the crap beat the end of him since he"s still gaining money in ~ the finish of the day. The money is permitting him come make much better meals for the kids at the orphanage.

As the film progresses, Nacho i do not care discouraged and also tells his wrestling companion he simply wants to victory for a change. Haven"t us all been here? sometimes our losses just seem overwhelming and also we require a win.

In an effort to much better his rings skills, Nacho follows the advice that a friend of Steven and also goes on a quick quest because that an eagle egg. Steven"s friend insists the if Nacho eats the yolk the the egg, he will be endowed with the strength of one eagle.

To Nacho"s dismay, regardless of accomplishing this, that sees no improvement in his performance. After an additional loss in the ring, he speak Steven that the eggs were a lie. "They provided me no nutrients!" Nacho realizes. Isn"t it the worst when you try a brand-new so-called life-changing product the doesn"t, in fact, work?

8 "Hey! take It Easy!"

top top Nacho"s an initial night in the ring, that goes in a small overconfident. The decides come send Steven in ~ above his own in the ring while he tries to garner the audience"s affection. He i do not care so recorded up in this the he is fully oblivious come the torture Steven is enduring in the ring.

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Once Nacho at some point turns around and sees what"s happening, he"s aghast. "Hey! take it easy!" that yells at the other wrestler. He does his finest to avenge Steven"s beating but ends increase taking one of his own.

we don"t know specifically what sort of ingredients Nacho has to work with day-to-day at the orphanage, but we recognize that they"re pretty subpar. In one of the beforehand scenes the the film, we view him dishing the end lunch(?) to everyone at the orphanage. No one is an especially happy to have it and one boy, Juan Pablo, expresses his dismay come Nacho.

"Can"t we just have a salad for once?" Juan Pablo asks Nacho. "Be grateful, Juan Pablo. Now is especially delicious," Nacho make the efforts to relief him. Climate Nacho tries the concoction himself, almost choking on it and sending it v his nose. Nacho tries to help the orphans make the best of your situation but isn"t always successful.

6 "Everything You just Said, Is my Favorite thing To Do, Every Day!"

when Sister Encarnacion arrives at the monastery/orphanage, she automatically gets ~ above Nacho"s radar. One night he awkwardly viewpoints her in she room and also asks if he deserve to come in. Encarnacion reluctantly agrees.

As lock share part toast, Nacho tries to gain to understand her better. He asks her to call him about herself and also she offers him a list of her favourite things. ~ a few of them, he stops her and also tells she he likes the an extremely same points as her. We"ve every been Nacho when it pertains to trying to land the companion of ours dreams.

even if it is it"s our friends, our parents, or arbitrarily acquaintances, we"ve every faked just how we feel about our lives at part point. Once Nacho sees few of the orphans wrestling each other, that puts a protect against to it and also tries to offer them a spiel about why wrestling is wrong.

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He talks about a lot of things the does the to many of us wouldn"t it seems ~ ideal, however he end by saying, "My life is good! yes, really good!" Well, her intentions space good, Nacho. However your life? maybe not so much.

4 "It"s because that Fun!"

Nacho walk his ideal to save his wrestling searches under wraps. But eventually, among the orphans, Chanco, spots the trying on his rings costume. Nacho make the efforts to make an excuse because that his outfit by speak that when you"re a man, occasionally you wear stretchy pants. It"s a terrible excuse for a lie, however Chanco promises Nacho he"ll keep it a secret.

Nacho provides plenty the mistakes during the course of the movie, but perhaps his worst is meeting his rings idol, Ramses. Once he sneaks right into a party to get a possibility to accomplish Ramses, the wrestler totally disregards Nacho.

The next morning once Nacho and Steven return to the monastery/orphanage, Nacho feeling discouraged through his encounter with Ramses and the shedding streak they can"t seem to break. Nacho speak Steven, "It suck to it is in me best now!" Somedays, that"s just exactly how it walk Nacho. We feel you.

2 "I Don"t think In God; I believe In Science!"

~ above the very first night Nacho and Steven walk to wrestle in the village, castle don"t quite have actually their plot together. They"ve done some DIY training, but it is not almost enough come prepare them for this night.

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Before the enhance starts, Nacho encourages Steven to pray to God because that strength. Steven just responds, "I don"t think in God. I think in science." It"s the perfect illustration that the disconnect between Nacho and also Steven and how much they will have to go come truly become a team.

many of the clergymans in the monastery it seems to be ~ to it is in pretty decent fellows. Yet one of them, Guillermo, isn"t a fan of Nacho, and perhaps no without reason. After Nacho completely misses his key while serving Guillermo, that expresses his disgust v Nacho"s cooking.

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Nacho make the efforts to explain his plight through the lack of good ingredients because that cooking and also that his chips to be stolen by a thief. Guillermo asks Nacho, "Did you not tell him they were the Lord"s chips?" Oh, right, Steven. Surely the thef wouldn"t have actually taken the chips if he"d just known.

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