Typically, love tastes sweet before she sours. I mean, we spend so much time agonizing over our very first loves, us forget the latent sweet memories. We hang on come the bad times, yet there were good times, too. I choose to think it’s a authorize of growth, to let the much better memories wash over ours senses and also enjoy reminiscing top top the bygone era. ~ all, there’s no factor to organize on come anger. After us reach the pinnacle of earn anger, does that still serve us? most likely not. ~ above the penultimate monitor of channel ORANGE, Frank ocean looks back fondly top top his first love v the lens the Forrest Gump’s Jenny. The looks back on his an initial love, shedding his longing, and he remembers his lover for all their good times, no for the finish of their relationship.

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“Forrest Gump” is one of the least lyrically thick tracks on channel ORANGE. Frank techniques the art of concision. His pictures pull straight from the Forrest Gump film, and also his sentiments draw from our mutual love consciousness. The adversary of “Forrest Gump,” then, is in the structure. The quick verses, every no much more than a grasp of lines, all culminate in a minute where “Forrest” slips in between our hands—how very first loves slip in between our fingers and into the wait of our past. 



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Think on the currently “I’m nervous, Forrest” and also “Oh, where’d friend go, Forrest?” from the very first and 2nd verses, respectively. Think of exactly how Frank’s unease grows until “Forrest” disappears. Also though we know channel ORANGE is a mainly forsaken place—we’ve identified the finish of Frank’s sordid love story from the beginning—there’s other of a dagger to the heart here.

The swing that the Om'Mas Keith manufacturing adds pressure to the proverbial dagger. The music is neither brooding nor somber. That feels choose a summer afternoon. It feels choose all those time you journey by your old high school and the memories of the halls, and an initial kisses, and also the thrill of holding hand on your means to class, all rush ago to you. Friend remember how that at an early stage love looked in ~ you prefer you to be the only thing in the people to do them happy. Exactly how you believed this to be it, was what it expected to be truly loved and cherished. The course, us were all as well young to recognize shit, but we assumed the world of each other.

There’s something for this reason classic about the couple of images Frank go lace right into “Forrest Gump,” too. Notably, the an initial lines the the hook, “My fingertips and my lips / they burn from the cigarettes,” summon photos of hope to fall in v the “dangerous” crush. You know the crush, the one who smoked between classes while friend watched and also admired the plumes. Earlier when cigarettes to be the best evil, and also everything appeared binary and also easy to understand. 

Too, we all mental our first drag of miscellaneous deadly—whether it was smoking or drinking. We all remember what it meant to obtain intoxicated that an initial time, that we became on the various other side the sparking increase or acquisition a shot. Just how that was part of the very first love experience, too, becoming a new person alongside someone that was just as green.

The pictures of fingertips, lips, and also cigarettes remind us of just how our very first loves themselves burned us. There’s nothing like the very first time, and there’s nothing favor that first heartbreak. As soon as Frank sings of the heat on his body, we obtain the feeling he is feeling the ethereal pangs that loss the come v remembering long-gone great times. We’re not foolish, after all. We know, for one factor or another, things live in the past due to the fact that they were not supposed for our present, nor our futures. 

And so, when Frank security the totality of “Forrest Gump” recalling his very first love with a genuine fondness, he also recalls the flicks of pain that came v their relationship ending. “Forrest Gump,” in that way, is an ode to the process of memory. How we need to take the great and the bad in stride, at once, and also whether we prefer it or not.

Yet, there is naught grave around “Forrest Gump.” There’s a lightness to the instrumentation, wonderful lull to the occasion of the song, exactly how the beachy etc accents Frank’s filtered vocal. The feels choose we are within Frank’s memories, feels favor we are drifting ever so across his mind. Bleary-eyed and smiling on ours pasts. You understand the feeling: psychic the finest of times and also realizing they will certainly never occur again, trying to cherish them through tears; psychic the simpler times, and also trying no to fall into the catch of nostalgia while maintaining yourself from turning bitter at all timelines everywhere.

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Perhaps that is the actual success of “Forrest Gump”: Frank ocean absconds bitterness. He looks back on his an initial love v such sincerity and grace. Candid does not throw fits or spew venom. That lulls himself into a gentle fact where the past is a fact, no fuel for misery. Just look at the closeup of the door lyrics: “Forrest green, Forrest blues / I’m remembering girlfriend / If this is love, I recognize it’s true / i won’t forget you.” even with the note on “blues,” hungry emotions favor pining and also desperation are replaced with a sense of peace. A promise to remember feels favor the peak of some sort of emotionally intelligence. The tells united state Frank is comfortable v his previous being his past, being component of him. That course, this way Frank s is lastly ready because that his future.