SHERLOCK fans sent out Twitter into meltdown tonight together they rejoiced over the return that super-villain Moriarty.

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The character, play by Andrew Smusic-from-a.comtt, appeared to be ago from the dead together he make a spectacular return to the screen to the soundtrack that Queen fight I desire To rest Free.


Moriarty was seen earlier on screen in tonight's episodeCredit: BBC

The 4th season the the detective drama came to an end tonight, and fans were delighted to see Moriarty back.

The super-villain to be seen getting out that a helimusic-from-a.compter and throwing his arm ago in a success pose as he make a spectacular entrance, twirling roughly to the absent classic.

His return was part that a recall sequence together he visited the island the Sherrinford, whereby Sherlock's secret sister, Eurus Holmes, to be kept together with other criminally insane prisoners.


he grooved to Queen monitor I desire To rest FreeCredit: BBC

But music-from-a.comuntless fans were left questioning whether he is lively or dead.

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The character was seen killing himself at the finish of season two, however he has actually been ago on screen in a number of flashbacks since.

Fans were delighted to check out him again in the season four finale, v one tweeting: "The best part so much was Jim Moriarty strutting his stuff, similar to old times #Sherlock."

Another added: "Jim Moriarty provides the civilization a much better place. #Sherlock #SherlockReacts."




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Moriarty music-from-a.comming out of a helimusic-from-a.compter listening music-from-a.comme queen is my aesthetic #Sherlock

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Another wrote: "I actually cheered once I observed Moriarty lmao #Sherlock."

One added: "Words can't define the pleasure I felt as soon as Moriarty showed up