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Welcome to Montclare senior Residences the Calumet elevation in Chicago, IL. You"ll find this community at 9401 S. Stony Island Ave in Chicago. Permit the skilled leasing staff show you every little thing this neighborhood has in store. Montclare senior Residences that Calumet height offers a big selection that amenities and features including: a state-of-the-art fitness center, high-speed internet access, and walking and biking trails. So gain a head begin on your move. Call or stop by Montclare senior Residences that Calumet height to see available floor plans!

Montclare an elderly Residences that Calumet height is situated in Chicago, Illinois in the 60617 zip code. This apartment ar was developed in 2020 and has 7 stories v 134 units.

Full-service residential and also commercial home management company in Chicago, Illinois.

Community Features

to wash Facilities service Center Courtyard Fitness center Walking/Biking Trails

Floorplan Amenities

High rate Internet accessibility Air Conditioning heating Cable ready Storage units Dishwasher Kitchen Microwave Oven variety Refrigerator
Bronzeville Children's Museum Drive: 2 min 0.4 mi Bessemer Park Drive: 6 min 2.0 mi Avalon Park Drive: 6 min 2.0 mi Trumbull Park Drive: 7 min 2.9 mi Calumet Park Drive: 8 min 3.3 mi

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